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A few of the issues we've run into since moving into our new place...

We moved into our current apartment about a month and half ago. During that time we’ve run into a few issues. Here’s a list of the hiccups and annoyances that we’ve encountered. 1,530 more words

Apartment Living

Some thoughts on our recent move...

About a month and a half ago my husband and I moved out of the 1 bedroom townhouse that we had only been living in for two years and into a 1 bedroom apartment down the road. 792 more words

Apartment Living

H&M lipsticks

I purchased these lipsticks from H&M’s new(ish) make-up line in the beginning of January. They were on sale and I think the colours are gorgeous. I haven’t tried them on yet, but when I have, I’ll show you what they like¬†look on the lips and let you know what I think about them. 30 more words


New ski boots

Skiing again was great, but as I mentioned, I didn’t have as much control as I would like. First of all the nerve in my right leg was irritated causing me to have cramps ans spasms in my foot. 324 more words


I finally understand.

Ta-da! My new Teresa Made to Move, for $25 (17.56USD, 12.90 Pounds, 16.09 Euros).

I really, really wanted Nikki but I haven’t seen her at all so far. 537 more words


Hello out there

Hello to all that may stumble onto this. Hmm the first post is always the most difficult don’t you think. Like what are you meant to say, is it a general hello or an overview on the entire blog. 125 more words


2016.02.02 NTHU Exam


  1. I saw her, my first love.
  2. I got my new watch.
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