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Happy Saturday, Lovelies…

First day off in thirteen. I haven’t been very creative, nor interactive during this long long stretch. I kept my energy to stay positive and get the job done. 261 more words


Game Night (2018)

A delightful surprise, this mainstream studio comedy often plays like a no-holds-barred independent movie that happens to have a recognizable cast and strong production values. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are well-paired as a married couple whose regular game night evening goes awry with a series of increasingly perilous developments, with the two sharing a significant amount of chemistry. 67 more words

Winchester (2018)

At best, this haunted house entry is passable, ho-hum stuff. Helen Mirren brings a significant amount of class and dignity to what could have been a negligible role and her cache makes the film that surrounds her seem superior than it is for a significant duration of its running time. 87 more words

WOODEN SHJIPS - Here's Clip For Frolicsome Track 'ALREADY GONE' From New Album 'V' - Out Tomorrow ...

Fresh sonic impulses for your senses’ satisfaction

24 May 2018

(photo: Jason Powers)

San Francisco‘s psychedelic outfit WOODEN SHJIPS, fronted by Ripley Johnson… 87 more words

New Stuff

Back in the game: Of Tinder oddities and other problems

Oh, Tinder. I am so happy to have you back in my life, because what would my procrastination be like without some daily portion of tindergarten-drama? 1,141 more words

New Stuff

Deadpool 2 (2018)

Every bit as aggressively irreverent and wildly entertaining as its predecessor, “Deadpool 2” is a perfect superhero sequel. It takes all the elements that worked the first time around – from a surprisingly layered screenplay filled with a veritable assault of one-liners to extraordinary action sequences, among many others – and manages to successfully replicate them here without being reductive, repetitive or predictable. 79 more words

Willie Nelson - Last Man Standing (2018)

I’ll admit that I was unfamiliar with Willie Nelson albums until this one, which I decided to listen to after hearing “Lay Me Down,” his terrific duet with Loretta Lynn off her 2016 album “Full Circle.” What I wasn’t expecting from Nelson’s music was how much fun it can be: The rockabilly twangs are truly infectious and toe-tapping, like on tracks like “Bad Breath,” “Ready to Roar” and “She Made Mt Day.” But it’s the softer, quieter moments that highlight just how poignant Nelson’s lyrics and vocal delivery are, like “Something You Get Through,” “I’ll Try To Do Better Next Time” and the titular track. 50 more words