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Come Out With Me Tonight

Fair warning, this is only the second song I’ve written in full (or at least full for now), so be kind. When I started writing it, it had an Andy Grammer-ish feel, which morphed into a Carrie Underwood-y feel, which in my head I’ve now abandoned for a slow, sultry, almost Norah Jones-y kind of feel…but since I don’t write music, I suppose I’ll leave that up to you. 220 more words


Guess Who's Back?

After teasing us with a return a month or so ago Tiger is back! Yesterday he played in the pro-am and lets just say he didnt look bad. 357 more words


Why .....

Why is it that we support stupidity for a moment of entertainment ? why do we encourage weak behavior and weak mindedness ? where are we when it comes to real issues that effect us on a large scale ? 278 more words

2017 Wishlist

I AM SO KEEN FOR 2017. I forgot to put Video Game Hero in here, but obvi I am SUPER excited for that! It looks kinda like Wreck it Ralph to me? 571 more words


Christmas in Florida

When a resident of the fine state that is Florida… One can only begin their holiday festivities by enjoying the eighty degree weather with a jaunt to the beach. 150 more words

New Stuff

Future Boy

On the afternoon of Sunday, November 27, to alleviate an issue where too few Kirin Tor World Quests were available to allow for reliable completion of the Kirin Tor Emissary quest, we hotfixed that Emissary quest to autocomplete on login.

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General Warcraft Post

Baby's Here! Our Top Five Newborn Products Reviewed

I’ve been guilty of not keeping up with this blog while I was pregnant. To be fair, there are lots of other things I didn’t keep up with either: shaving my legs, doing laundry, eating things other than Kraft Mac & Cheese, and getting around to washing that oily spot off my back seat from a pourable candle that melted last summer. 1,319 more words

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