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Fu Long Beach: The East Coast of Taiwan

With a beach in mind, we decided to just up and go from Taipei for a day trip to Fu long Beach. To get there we took the TRA, the slightly slower, but cheaper way to travel around Taiwan. 339 more words

niuliaopu to tough guy peak (牛寮埔到硬漢嶺)

distance: 3.3km

time: 3¼ hours including at least half an hour at the top and 15 minutes stoppage time to harvest satsumas.

difficulty: 4/10 – really I can’t say this is difficult but it’s a little tiring due to all the steps, there’s no flat parts. 1,207 more words


mount datong trail (大同山步道)

distance: 4km

time: an extremely leisurely 2 hours and 20 minutes – including tea stops, exercise stops and tofu pudding stops.

difficulty: 3/10 – there’s a lot of steps but there’s pretty much nowhere to go wrong here. 1,041 more words


teapot mountain short up and down (茶壺山)

distance: 3.6km

time: 2 and a half hours but you really don’t need that long.

difficulty: 3/10 – the steps are pretty tough but it’s all paved, the sign posts are well-maintained and easy to read. 463 more words


wu liao jian (五寮尖)

distance: 4.5km

time: five and a half hours, I could have probably reduced the time if I was setting the pace but it’s more enjoyable if you admire the views. 2,606 more words


New Taipei City Christmas Lights

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Here’s a little video I put together of the Christmas Lights in New Taipei City. We checked the scene out tonight and couldn’t believe how crowded it was. 69 more words


cuei lake and neigou mountaineering footpath (翠湖/內溝山步道)

distance: 3.5km

time: about 2 hours at a very comfortable pace.

difficulty: 7/10 – a range of surfaces underfoot including a lot of rotten-in-the-middle wooden steps and weather-worn sandstone. 1,459 more words