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Treasure Manor 確幸莊園: Manor in the Mountains

I’m not dead, but my computer was.  Everything’s sorted out now, so I should post updates more regularly.  I’ve got quite the backlog to share! Number one in the backlog file is Treasure Manor 確幸莊園 in New Taipei City.  568 more words

New Taipei City

The Sky Lanterns of Pingxi

Once a year, the quiet little valley of Pingxi (平溪) is abuzz with festive spirit as glowing orbs light up the night sky. While Lantern Festivals elsewhere in Taiwan often meant spectacular exhibits of modern pyrotechnics and live concerts, the most popular light event to welcome the Lunar New Year is still based on the humble floating lantern known as tian deng (天燈), in a little county just a small distance away from Taipei. 580 more words


Hon Hai vs. Taipei City (or really just World vs. Mayor Ko)

Tensions are rising between the Taipei City Government and the New Taipei City-based electronics company Hon Hai. The enterprise went full diva and sent a disclosure demand to Taipei City upon losing their bid for an electronics mall on Taipei’s Civic Boulevard. 210 more words


Hero TransAsia pilot - Liao Chien-tsung - cried 'mayday' before crashing into Taiwan river

New York Daily News: The hero TransAsia pilot who avoided smashing into buildings by flying his failing plane into a Taiwan river signaled distress just before the disaster, cockpit audio recorded. 29 more words


Driver's Dashcam Captures Taiwan Plane As It Hit Bridge

TransAsia Airways Plane With 53 Passengers Crashes Into A River After Hitting A Bridge In New Taipei City

” A passenger plane with 58 people on board plunged into a river after clipping a road bridge outside Taiwan’s capital, with 27 people rescued so far, leaving others unaccounted for.

165 more words

Sanxia 三峽 Day Trip Part 2 - Sanxia Old Street 三峽老街

Walk along Sanxia Old Street and you will encounter heaps of store selling what’s supposed to be Sanxia specialities, Bull Horn Croissant 金牛角. I’ve had so many French Croissant in my life that I didn’t feel like having anymore croissant, but since this is Taiwan, I better try one! 160 more words