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Working Class Government Squeeze

Have you questioned why your “buying power” and “disposable income” are shrinking under this corrupt Obama administration’s government squeeze? Well folks…unless you’re receiving some form of government subsistence (aka socialistic welfare) its not your imagination. 206 more words


Toni Atkins proposes $52 tax fee to pay for roads

SACRAMENTO – A plan to raise money for California infrastructure could end up costing each driver an extra $52 a year.

Assembly speaker Toni Atkins is proposing the state raise $2 billion to pay for damaged and crumbling roads and highways. 259 more words


Using a ploy of tax the rich right now and at the same time taking from the middleclass

This was written quite a few years back and it seems to all be happening. It also does seem that the Conspiracy theories were true. 459 more words

Affordable Healthcare Act

Your Lunch Might be Changing at Work

Your Lunch Might be Changing at Work

Many popular employers are known for providing gourmet food to their employees, free of charge. The question now, is if they should be. 73 more words

Human Resource

State workers protest against DAP, new taxes

They’re vexed, and justly they protest.

After President Aquino warned of a clash between the executive and the judiciary— vehemently defending his Disbursement Acceleration Program and assailing the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling declaring it unconstitutional — court employees publicly protested to defend judicial independence. 831 more words

New Taxes

Buy a Can of Soda and You Will Help Feed the Pigs in Springfield!

Illinois State Senator Mattie Hunter (Chicago Democrat) pictured in the red dress is proposing another new tax – a penny per ounce on each sugary drink sold in sealed containers. 129 more words