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Rick, Tyrion, Dexter, and Walt all die. Or do they?

During a long car ride I thought about what I would do in my first days of entering the classroom.

Long story short, I’m going to give a form and figure out what their favorite TV shows are, their access to technology, how they learn, and what their interests are. 29 more words


Let's backtrack a minute...

Well, here I am feeling rude because I have forgotten to introduce myself! First things first: here is a little bit about me…

  1. I am a post-bac student at UW-Milwaukee, and I got my BA from there in English.
  2. 711 more words

stressed oot ma nut

So much going on. The blog isn’t high up on my list of priorities I’m afraid.

You already know that I run two clubs, help in a third and organise the recycling. 737 more words

New Teacher

Teaching Tools for Life

Hello WordPress! For my first post to you all, I was thinking that it would be great to share a bit about myself and the tools that help me make my classroom more enjoyable! 577 more words

Classroom Decor

And we have lift off...

So I’ve decided to attempt blogging again.  I have had a couple of blogs for classes in the past, but I have to see any really take off (aka keep them up after class is over).   403 more words


Incorporating BHP “Ways of Knowing” Lessons in the Classroom

Alex Madueña
Big History Teacher, 9th Grade
Los Angeles, CA

“We know that early humans lived in hunter-forager societies because our textbook said so,” declared a student, and not without a degree of certainty and pride in her voice. 511 more words

Core BHP

Mid-Year Reflection: Challenge Disguised as a Blessing

When people ask me “How’s teaching?”, they usually catch me at one of my low moments, and I have to be honest and I usually respond with–“It has its ups and downs.” I wish they would ask me when I’m researching and lesson planning for a new unit or when I just saw a huge improvement in my students’ progress. 687 more words