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Meet Ms. Mularski

Written by Karla Rivadeneira |

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With the new Morgan, many changes were made. Including changes to the tardy policy, the banning of food in the classrooms, and new teachers. 318 more words

Our Morgan

What if... I can't control my class?

You start to sweat, and you’re sure the redness starting at your hairline is beginning to creep up over the rest of your face. Your stomach feels like a whole flight of butterflies are on the loose in there, and you’re not quite sure if you’re going to spend the class twitching with nervous energy, or simply be pinned to the spot in fear. 1,637 more words


9/24/2016 - Week 2 & 3 Video Reflection

This one isn’t as long as the first one – thank goodness.

Ms. H


3 Easy Steps to Creating Student-Led Learning In Your Classroom

1. Stray Away From One-Sided Objectives

  • Common objectives lead teachers to focus on only one aspect of the learning outcome. Teachers should encourage, value, and celebrate student inquiry as opposed to always focusing on whether or not the student met the objective.
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I feel like I never have enough time to blog anymore about my days which sucks because they have been very exciting as of late. So instead of trying to write these long winded blogs I decided to just do highlight reels so I feel sane. 442 more words

Building New Connections

By: Alyssa Diaz & Mario Chandler

Anaya interview from Lindblom Talon on Vimeo.

The Talon interviewed new teacher Mr. Nick Anaya on his thoughts and goals for his teaching career at Lindblom. 51 more words


Dancing into a New Year

Gross interview – audio from Lindblom Talon on Vimeo.

By Alyssa Diaz & Mario Chandler

The Talon interviewed new teacher Ms. Joy Gross about her position as Dance teacher at Lindblom.   81 more words