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Information New Teachers Need To Know About Costumes

First, they will need a list of costume companies you use.
Tell them the maximum amount of money a costume should cost.
Go over how to read the costume descriptions to make them aware that sometimes parts of the costumes are listed as accessories and might be extra. 315 more words


If You do (for a living) What You Love....

….then you’ll never work a day in your life.

My parents used to always tell me this. It’s true, too.

Before I was a teacher, I worked in a cubicle, doing boring work that (to me) didn’t have a purpose or meaning. 221 more words

New Teacher

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Another year older, another year wiser…..but really. I am using this motto this year at heart.

I am constantly learning and trying new things. I want to be the best that I can be. 77 more words

Goal: Supply Management

Here is the last set of questions pertaining to my goal of answering the question sets and by the end of this post, I will have mastered one of my goals! 327 more words


Nightmares About School

We’ve all had those anxiety nightmares back in college: you go to take your final exam and you look down and you’re naked.

Well, my nightmares about Back to School are like that in no way, except that it is obvious I am anxious about going back. 163 more words

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Goal: Morning Procedures

Here are my goals pertaining to morning procedures:

  • Do you have something that students can reference if they aren’t sure of what to do in the morning?  
  • 273 more words
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Goal: Classroom Management

Sorry it’s been a while, guys! Mike has been sick with a bacterial Infection so I’ve been playing Florence Nightingale and I’ve been his personal nurse. 138 more words

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