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New Teacher Series/ Question 7: Should I create a classroom policy list or go by school policy?

Policies, procedures, and protocols. Oh my!  These words seem to have floated out of the business world and right into the classroom in the last decade.  718 more words


ESL Education in the Mainstream Classroom

Watch the following video to learn more about WIDA, Can Do Descriptors, and how mainstream teachers can utilize these resources to meet the needs of their ESL students.

A Vision of the CREDE Classroom "The Hawaii Project"

After reading about the CREDE standards, TESOL standards, and the NBPTS standards in EDU 580 I was intrigued with the CREDE standards and how a teacher can implement them into the classroom as a best practice approach to engage ALL learners, not only native speaking or ELL students. 43 more words

What is Metacognition?

Metacognition literally means “big thinking.” You are thinking about thinking. During this process you are examining your brain’s processing. Teachers work to guide students to become more strategic thinkers by helping them understand the way they are processing information. 59 more words

New Teacher

Starting the Year off Right

Its official this is the last week of summer for the teachers of Washoe County. Teachers all around the county are frantically ensuring lesson plans, are ready curriculum maps are complete, and classrooms are decorated. 207 more words

1st Year Teacher

Summer Update: 11 Days to go!

Welcome back sports fans! Good to be back in the saddle again for sure. For those who might have been wondering, no I haven’t given up. 387 more words

1st Year Teacher

Hands-on Science

Most people learn more by doing things rather than by just reading, watching or hearing about it. As such, providing hands-on learning can have a profound effect on learning in schools, particularly on science teaching. 15 more words