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I felt like an expert in my field.

This time last year I WAS THE TEACHER’S TEACHER.

It seems so surreal when I look back on my life last year.  I have a post on my blog dated Feb.6, 2014. 345 more words

Stories...all About Me

Countdown: 47 more days

Yesterday, I had a SST meeting, and I was afraid it would be a lot of arguing and yelling, but it turned out to be very productive and positive. 215 more words


The Art of Perseverance

I am good at math. I don’t say that to be braggy, but I am. Math has always come easily to me. I didn’t have to try all that hard to figure out the right answers or solve the problems. 709 more words


Unknown Teacher Stress

While the majority of the population thinks an educator’s day is an easy day filled with giving out stickers the reality of the career is quite different. 309 more words

New Teacher Orientation for Returning Teachers

One post that has been pretty popular over the past year is my post about New Teacher Orientation. I believe I wrote it at the beginning of this school year and reflected about all of the orientations I’ve been to.   925 more words


"Shut up!" And More Things I Shouldn't Have Said

My parent/teacher conferences are next week. My school holds conferences twice a year, and I am quickly reminded of my last horrifying experience at this event.  848 more words


April 6, 2005 - Welcoming the new guy

After work we took a new teacher out to Ryuu for cheap sushi and beer to welcome him to the team. Usually cheap sushi and beer is a great idea, but I started to feel pretty awful after I got home.

Life In Japan