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Tips for dealing with Adolescent Students as a New Teacher

Teaching is such a profession that seems pretty easy to do. But in the real fact, it is one of the hardest jobs that one can ever come across especially if your students tend to be Adolescents. 956 more words

...and it's done.

So it’s over (well 4 days ago it was, but can only write this now). My probationary year is done and despite vehemently insisting I’d quit (several times) I have survived, even enjoyed it at times. 514 more words

New Teacher

Hello world!

As my first blog post, one of the things I have noticed about becoming a teacher in the United States is that only some of the information I learned growing up in Ireland can be related to schools here. 19 more words

"Teachers these days" "Teaching, that's SO easy"

As discussed at large, for many posts, what do we do about generic and troubling statements about students, teachers, parents, and the teaching profession? Unfortunately, we live in a time, where everyone seems to think they can teach. 217 more words


Formative Assessment

So, we have discussed ways to implement student-led, and interest-based learning into the classrooms, but HOW do we measure interest based learning, when a lot of these projects are done with the sole purpose of learning for learning sake?   270 more words


Tips & Tricks to Effective Reading

Richard L. Allington, and Rachael E, Gabriel discuss six elements that contribute to a successful reader in their article Every Child, Every Day

These six elements are as followed: 788 more words


Learning in Depth- a new approach to student led learning

Ok- so you’re thinking about it and “Genius Hour” doesn’t really fit into your classroom plans? Well here is another idea called Learning in Depth, which I discovered in an article:  686 more words