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New Teacher Profile: Mr.Pavlos

by Amy Oh

The “grounded” Arts, TOK and English teacher Mr. Pavlos is also an impressionist and a whistler. Get to know him better in our new teacher profile interview.


How does a teacher have 'Presence' in the classroom?

Lots of people talk about effective teachers as having a mysterious ‘x-factor’ which gives them special powers when presenting in a classroom. That’s a bit sad, though, because it kind of means that you either have it or you don’t, you either pass the test or fail, and the kids will love you or hate you. 909 more words

Teacher Development

"Teacher! I'm Done With All Of My Work!"

Now-What-itus.  It can strike at anytime.

We’ve all been there.  Our students are rockin’ along doing their assignment or project.  You think there is no way any of these kids will finish in the next 10-15 minutes…and then you hear, “Teacher!  759 more words


I Disconnected

Way back in 2014 I was a young, bright-eyed student teacher. I was tweeting, I was blogging, I was innovating. I was on fire. Then first year teaching hit me like a ton of bricks. 424 more words


First Impressions Count... in Your Classroom..

Ever passed by a stranger walking down the street and taken an instant dislike to them? Or been instantly drawn to them? Apparently all it takes is 3 seconds. 1,665 more words

Teacher Development

Career Fair

     I am now in the post-graduation, pre-career phase. And it’s weirdly overwhelming. There is no immediate pressure from anyone around me to find a job right now, why haven’t you found one, what do you do all day. 694 more words


When it all goes wrong.

This blog has been in the making for a good few weeks now; it has been redrafted and edited and redrafted and edited. I always get my posts proof read by my long suffering wife, not for spelling or grammatical accuracy, but as my conscience – sometimes the blog becomes more of a rant and must be saved to file for another day. 1,056 more words

Life As A Teacher