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The Shepherds Rejoiced

(Please read Luke 2:8-20.  The following remarks are based on the NIV.)

MESSAGE: God pointed the shepherds to their Savior and they rejoiced.  We should do the same. 3,047 more words

I Timothy 6:1-2 -- That God and the gospel not be slandered

I talked last time about how pastors are held to a high standard so that God and the church might not be slandered. But as you look throughout this letter, you see that all Christians are Christ’s representatives. 335 more words

New Testament

Wheat, Tares and Not Judging

Everybody knows Jesus’s parable of the wheat and the tares. A farmer has a field with wheat but at night the enemy comes and sows toxic weeds in the field. 424 more words


Arguments for Dating Acts to Early 60's AD.

Many scholars date the book of Act to between 80 and 90 AD (1). However, here we shall forward six reasons as to why some have forwarded a date in the early 60’s AD (2). 867 more words


"…for There Was No Room in the Marital Chamber"

I somehow missed this article when it came out in New Testament Studies a few years back, but Brice C. Jones has the scoop on… 309 more words

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John 19:30

 ‘It is finished.’


Just as Jesus was the only one who could complete the work of redemption for all the Earth, so Jesus is the only one who able to complete the same work in our own lives. 246 more words