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Simple New Things

Aren’t new things exciting? A new home, new car, new adventure, new vacation, new work, new friends, new clothes, new shoes, new watch, new acquaintances, new gadget, new baby, new book, new bag, new makeup, new experience, and many others. 386 more words


Trying New Things - Blog Post #1

I’m a teen, and I’m always up to try new things.  Whether it be a new restaurant, a different tea, or even just a recent trend, I’m always up for it.   199 more words


1-man Adventure (Fickle Friday #33)

More than 5 years later and Average Jim continues to impress me with profound insight.
Oh how we have grown, oh how things have changed. 22 more words

I write because...

I write because it’s a way to organize my thoughts. As people can possibly tell from reading my blog (or maybe it’s just my own criticisms of my own writing) but my writing seems to come out a little disorganized. 530 more words

Cole *cough* Runs A 10k

Running? Really?

A few months ago, my employer offered free health screenings to employees. After my test, my screener told me my numbers were “perfect.” I was so impressed with myself that in the post-screening survey I offered to be a celebrity spokesperson for the screening company. 788 more words

Cole Tries New Things

Dragonfruit Smoothie: Naturally & Beautifully Pink

I love smoothies & milkshakes & bubble tea & just about any beverage you can drink through a straw.  I have never had a smoothie bowl before though, that is, using a smoothie as a base and then piling lots of goodies on top.   105 more words

Trying Something New

Shakespeare Begins the School Year

Ah, Shakespeare. I love Shakespeare, always have. Some of his plays I like better than others, but still, the Early Modern English language grips me every time. 142 more words