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Something New

Jessie: in New Hampshire hunkering down for the long winter slog.

One of the best things about being a writer is the built in necessity of trying new things. 386 more words

The Odd-Mother and I Hit LA

Los Angeles is only 50 miles north of where we live, but we’ve only made the trip a handful of times since moving to California. Why? 809 more words


Short Post: Charcu-what? Also, wine.

Evening, assholes. I’m making a small post tonight over my weekend experiences. First off, I want to ap… I want to apo… I kind of regret not making a post like I said I would this weekend, so you get this short piece of shit instead. 866 more words


As per declaration/ Sesuai deklarasi

Day 15 As per declaration

Teach me to do what i say, what i declare O LORD. Being new in accordance of new things in my life. 53 more words

New Things

Day 6

Slowly getting ready for bed, I have already finished my workout. I did add doing push ups to my routine. I will be slowly adding a new workout every so often. 130 more words


Hear, see and declare/ Mendengar, melihat dan mengakui

Day 14 Hear, see and declare

LORD, when i hear and see new things in my life, that YOU grow now, i must admit it. Admit by declaring to others as a sign of being grateful to YOU. 48 more words

New Things

Just keep swimming

After 6 months of not being able to walk up or down stairs normally, of not being able to put all of my (considerable) weight on my left leg, of having to take a back pack instead of my hard-earned handbag and always, always remembering to have my crutches with me, I’m still revelling in the novelty of being able to do all of the above without crutches or have the behemoth boot in tow. 541 more words

Out Of The Ordinary