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New things for new people: Sarah

Sarah is my first guest blogger. She did something new each day in April 2016. It has been lovely having company on the project, and I am particularly inspired by her theatre-going, re-learning of forgotten skills, and masquerading as other people. 1,145 more words

New Things

Monday Motivation

Good morning dears!

Well after the events last week I began thinking about some things. For the longest time I have been unhappy with the way my life is going, with my lack of social circle, and with how I look and feel. 540 more words

Will you take the High Road or the Low Road?

One of the most precious gifts my parents have given me is the belief that in everything, I have a choice.  Sure, some of the choices presented to me are not great and some are downright terrible, but nevertheless, I have the power to decide which choice to make, which path to take. 420 more words

Live Well

Tip of the Week: Trying New Things

Ever since I started college 3 years ago (how has it been that long already?!), I’ve been more open to trying things I’ve never done before. 219 more words


April 2016 - something new each day

I thought I hadn’t had a very inspiring month but it’s not too bad now I look back! And in May I will have Caroline and Adele (who I met a week ago) keeping me company on the project, as well as Hazel who is opting for the angle ‘new and big this year’ rather than ‘daily for a month’. 708 more words


Context, Is the Bible Gone?


You know I was reading something on social Media this morning and found something rather interesting. But before we go to that story, I want to tell this one. 806 more words