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Cheers to New Experiences!

Oi Gente… 

Como vai? Tudo bem?

This week, I actively tried to socialize more and experience new things with my friends here in Campos. That being said, I will now talk about some of my adventures this weekend. 843 more words

Public Service Announcement


I can hear it already, “InkyTea is actually showing up in my inbox *gasp* who would have thought?” I know, I know, I’ve been gone for a really long time but I do apologise for that. 218 more words


My 100 day

Well hello there my lovelies!!

I know its been quite a while since you were here. My apologies, this adulting is turning out to be one helluva ride for me; but I’m sure you guys know what I mean since we are all adulting in one way or another. 567 more words


The adrenaline rush Soul Cycle experience!

I am in love with fitness, and this past week I finally drank the Soul Cycle Cool-Aid, and  I must say……..I had a good time… 491 more words


Happy Birthday Denver!

Today my boy turns 9. Only one more year until two digits. He wished for Sonic Force and Robux.

A song, a donut, a few gifts and his whole family started his day.

Love ❤️ You!


Buying clothes

I’m potentially going to come across as slightly more vain than usual tonight, which isn’t hard sometimes, but I’ve been trying out new things, particularly buying clothes. 377 more words


Let There Be Light

This week Emily and I decided to wear each others clothes. Right way it was an idea that intrigued me because, well we’re best friends, we’re different but over all pretty much the same. 299 more words