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New Things a'Coming

Guys, gals, aliens and all… I can’t wait for the next few weeks! Exciting things to come. The next few posts will be something new and different, I’ve subscribed to a couple different subscription boxes, (because they’re addicting) and you can find so many coupons! 78 more words

New Blogger

My Friends, the Happy Family of 5 (Two Parents, Two Kids, One Dog)

I’ve been pretty lucky in life.

I have a group of girlfriends I’ve known for over 15 years–20 years in some cases. We grew up together, went to the same schools, and graduated together. 519 more words


Changing Our Vocabulary

I’ve been on a hiatus from writing things for public consumption (because I like to be melodramatic)┬ábut since I was recently asked to write for an organization I’m involved with here in Connecticut, I thought I’d share. 383 more words


Trying something new-ish

As I’ve probably written on this blog before, I’m still looking for employment somewhere. Trying my best not to lose hope. If nothing else, I’ll volunteer someplace and see what happens. 524 more words


The Return Home

You’ve set out for your first big adventure. You’re young and you’re nervous, and your stomach tingles in a mix of anticipation for what’s out there and anxiety at leaving the comfort of home for such a long period of time. 453 more words

Chelsea Nash


I love the serenity of looking out from my kitchen sink, especially while doing dishes in the evening. I love the way the light looks, cascading through the trees as the day comes to an end. 432 more words


The Final Thoughts On My Digital Marketing Experience

This is the last blog post that I am assigned to do for my digital marketing class. It has been a crazy experience blogging for the first time. 530 more words

Katelyn McNaughton