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....come out of the shadows....

The end of last week and in to the weekend found me doing and making a lot of art.  Some for me and some for preparation to be used in the workshop I will be co-hosting in little under a month from now. 817 more words

Journaling Bible

Ordering Flour Online

Okay, so, I have a wheat allergy, which I used to think was synonymous with a gluten allergy. However, upon a quick Google search, I found myself kicking myself in the rear in discovering that the two problems were not synonymous at all. 562 more words

New Post

A Day on the Trail

I hate to say it, but Edie has become one big couch potato. I guess I better clarify that. She is not so much a couch potato as she is an air condition addict. 376 more words


Am I A Blogger?

I am a recovering journal hoarder (which sounds just about as serious as you might expect). They are unused and empty, lying accusingly upon my bookshelf, despondently littering the floor under my bed, and reproachfully hide in my closet, protecting nothing; they hold no secrets, know none of my thoughts. 983 more words


July 22, 2015

I’m beginning to hate the sound of my alarm clock.

My body is more reluctant all the time, to rise in the wee hours. Yet I  996 more words

Kind of a Big Deal

I bought a yoga mat.

Kind of a big deal.

A few weeks ago, I walked into Scheel’s Sporting Goods, took the escalator to the second floor (don’t judge…I would have taken the steps, but there were three “adorable” children messing around on the stairs, and I didn’t feel like disturbing their play), and navigated to an area of the store I’m not overly familiar with. 793 more words

Everyday Life

A new adventure

Grandpa and I have been seeing how many miles we can clock up on our motorbikes. The aim was to get 100,000 kms on both bikes before we updated. 473 more words