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Who says it's a bad thing to fight like a girl?

On my life journey of embracing womanhood and being unashamedly woman I have started by reading a book called “fight like a girl” by Lisa Bevere. 690 more words


Ten New Things I Did This Week

  • I helped judge a speech competition for the Junior English Majors. They delivered a prepared speech and an impromptu speech.
  • I taught my children’s class to play Duck, Duck, Goose, and I had to make sure they were saying “duck” not “dog.” Either way, they were practicing the D sound.
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The Trip

So I Can't Cook Rice. . .

But I can cook turkey! And I think that’s a little odd, that I can cook a deliciously moist and flavorful bird on my first try, but I can’t boil some plain rice to save my life. 1,423 more words

A Learning-ful Weekend: 10 ways I’m growing and stretching

I don’t know how your weekend went, our how you spent it but, I can certainly classify my weekend as “Learning-ful”. I think my whole week was  learning-ful to be very honest, however, I am going to zero in on my weeked- Saturday to be exact! 822 more words


New Things Challenge Week 6: community and the natural world

Maybe not a good time of year to have ‘the natural world’ as a theme. I’ll try it again sometime! But the ‘community’ theme was a bit easier. 1,035 more words

New Things

The secret to enhancing EVERYTHING in your life...

Lately, I’ve been working through some things and I keep coming back to the same conclusion. The answer – the only answer – to getting what you need, is to love yourself more.  450 more words


I have started a new blog for Media & Tech teams at Churches

Hello there,

I have started a new blog.

I started this blog to write help manuals, guides, tech reviews and media and tech updates for churches. 55 more words

New Things