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'The New Thinking' London. 1996.

Notes: Ideas for a play. (stuck in diary, on a pink Post-It note.)

Setting the scene.
Ego awake.

A world without irrelevant passions.
End of all suffering → 52 more words


Lead Me All day

God lead me all day – don’t let me fall out of step with you.

God   lead    me    all    day    don’t     let    me    fall    out    of    step    with    you. 227 more words

Church Leadership

Beginner's Mind

“Only one thing I know and that is I know nothing.” ~ Socrates.

It’s really helpful when trying to solve a problem or find a better way to be able to step back for a short time and take a look from a new perspective. 159 more words

Agility : new way of thinking.

To avoid going astray in the univers of the possible solutions, we have invented the project management.

In fact, there is nothing more complicated than launching a project  being certain aiming at the correct target, and this whatever the project is : data processing project, organizational project, humanitarian project, society project…. 985 more words

Non Classé

2017! A New Year... OF VERY BIG THINGS!

Hello again, long time no see. I apologise for my very sloppy writing, I am not good at spelling or grammar. I think that it doesn’t matter too much if this is what I enjoy… right? 240 more words

Home Again, Home Again

I am FINALLY back in Los Angeles. It was a trek getting back here, thanks to delays and no Uber drivers and then my Lyft driver getting into an accident. 644 more words

New Year = new thinking

Making the decision to start distributing the print edition of the Heckler in the Southend-on-Sea area and to hold the Southend Radical Fair at The Railway in Clifftown Road on May 6th was one of the best moves we made last year. 303 more words