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Move on

To move on means move your mind, change your mindset.
To go on in your life means taking opportunities.
To live a full life brings changes, improvisation and new creative ideas. 41 more words


Creating a new thinking...

We ran with the tides

We danced in the rain

We gazed on the moon

We felt the sun in her glory

We looked out on the World

We created a new place…


Welcome Rain and Making Do

For weeks now, our little town in New Hampshire have been experiencing severe drought conditions. For weeks and weeks, the North East hasn’t seen a whole lot of rain. 615 more words

New Thinking

The difficulty of setting goals

For the past few days I have been trying to set myself new goals. This has not been easy for me since I am new to this goal-setting thing and there is a part of me that believes that I am not genetically made for it. 414 more words


The Northern Lights

The days in Iceland have started to become shorter and the night sky, celebrating its return, happily rolls waves of green, orange and purple over itself like a child discovering paint for the first time. 212 more words

New Thinking

Do US Payments of Interest to Iran Violate Sharia Law?

Why is Iran accepting interest from the U.S.?  Am I missing something?  I do not claim to know Sharia law, but isn’t interest prohibited?


New Thinking

Obamacare Promises vs. Results

The links below may be repetitive, but sometimes repetition is necessary to make thinks clear.

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New Thinking