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Do US Payments of Interest to Iran Violate Sharia Law?

Why is Iran accepting interest from the U.S.?  Am I missing something?  I do not claim to know Sharia law, but isn’t interest prohibited?


New Thinking

Obamacare Promises vs. Results

The links below may be repetitive, but sometimes repetition is necessary to make thinks clear.

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New Thinking

How to change your perspective: making sense of a red boot

Life does not come with an instruction guide on “How to…” and that’s the beauty and the big challenge.

Sometimes the unconventional and unexpected things that cross our path are the ones that remind us that life isn’t routinely and it’s out there, awaiting us to discover it.

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Mourinho Copied Me? Gymnastics - Media Analysis Analogy

After Saturday’s post, when I declared myself a better manager than Mourinho in 2015/16, and criticised him for the way he treated Juan Mata, Mourinho played Mata yesterday, and Mata scored their first goal. 450 more words


Uncertainty around us

The issue of uncertainty has been circling in my head for the past few days  In fact, I see uncertainty almost as a synonym to chaos and an area of life that we are desperate to escape when we find ourselves in it. 321 more words


Why I like drinking whisky

I started drinking whisky with my ex, when the first sips of the golden liquid made me think of fire and jet fuel, and the combination of flavors gave me a difficult time trying to decide whether I liked it or not. 532 more words


Hyper-Hubris from Both Candidates – For No Good Reasons

No one can call this 2016 presidential campaign boring.  Perfect for the backdrop of fear created by terrorists, and suspicion of police excesses in black communities.   368 more words

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