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In 4 months: a new job, a new home, in a new state, with new friends, a new life.

OBEDIENCE. SCARY. FUN. LONELY. FULFILLING. #bestdecisionever… 347 more words

Church Leadership

Using online games to study what tourists find attractive here.

Imagine if we could, through games, explore the preferences of European, Asian, Middle Eastern, North American and other visitors to our region and cater our tourist destinations (and direct our dollars) to meet those preferences. 292 more words

New Thinking

Are Educators Afraid of Change?

After being blocked from entering a school in Washington D.C., only days after her confirmation as Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos told reporters, “Friday’s incident demonstrates just how hostile some people are to change and new ideas.” She then went further saying, “The protesters’ behavior is a reflection of the way some seek to treat our education system – by keeping kids in and new thinking out.” 1,097 more words

Betsy DeVos

Your New Groove

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

Jesus knows how your mind goes, so your life goes. 214 more words

Just A Minute

'The New Thinking' London. 1996.

Notes: Ideas for a play. (stuck in diary, on a pink Post-It note.)

Setting the scene.
Ego awake.

A world without irrelevant passions.
End of all suffering → 52 more words


Lead Me All day

God lead me all day – don’t let me fall out of step with you.

God   lead    me    all    day    don’t     let    me    fall    out    of    step    with    you. 227 more words

Church Leadership

Beginner's Mind

“Only one thing I know and that is I know nothing.” ~ Socrates.

It’s really helpful when trying to solve a problem or find a better way to be able to step back for a short time and take a look from a new perspective. 159 more words