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New Thinking

Perfection can not

Be possible unless I

actually practice.


....not rocket science


…..not rocket science

..no,but a fast developing and successful form of alternative healthcare.  Open the mind to new positive elements and you have the power to heal at a holistic and deep level. 52 more words



currently, I’m on the road using Siri to help me type out what I have to say. So far so good today. Had to stop at the local outpost co-op to grab some bananas and oranges. 206 more words

A certain weariness [Cierto cansancio]- Pablo Neruda

A certain weariness

I don’t want to be tired alone,
I want you to grow tired along with me.

How can we not be weary… 314 more words


Need new ideas? Pick the inexperienced guy

Starting down a career path is a daunting experience for many.  You need experience to get the job, and you need experience to get experience.  Employers tend to prefer the most experienced candidates for a variety of reasons, ranging from a desire to reduce the time in training, to believing that an experienced person comes with hard-to-obtain knowledge and expertise.   461 more words


"Simply"....is it really what it seems?

“Our job is to simply populate the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Richard Sterns-Unfinished) When I read this sentence the word “simply” popped out at me. “Simply” to populate the kingdom of heaven sounds so incredibly easy. 555 more words

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