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We Need to Solve the Stinky Problems

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. — Albert Einstein

It is very compelling to imagine going to the top in Washington with a superior plan for one of our stinky problems and winning the hill with this solution and revolutionizing America.

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Dan Pallota's TED talk reveals the path to a new era for nonprofits----[MissionReThinc.]


An inspiring examination of our attitudes toward Nonprofit Organizations in terms of competition and market share relative to for profit companies. On this TED talk, activist and fundraiser Dan Pallota calls for a generosity of thought, imagining a world where Non-profits are judged based on capacity of work instead of minimal administrative expenses.

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Friends of COGS; a NOW opportunity

Last week, I attended a meeting between faculty at Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) and ex-faculty (CANMAP Research Institute). We were discussing common interests: collaborative projects involving Geomatics technology, mapping and agriculture. 336 more words

New Thinking

Numbering of the Mind

What numbers mean to non-mathemagicians

Having gone through school with the magical number line on the wall of many of the classrooms, it came to represent a sense of time for me. 825 more words

Calendar Reform

My Father's Son 

You see, it was my father who first told me, “You are man, you come from a line of great men”. I believed him. For this much was true. 193 more words

New Thinking

Mind the Gap: between institutions and communities

This weekend the Ernest Buckler Learning Event Society (EBLES) hosted Reading where we live: a celebration of local writing at the Bridgetown Legion. The focus was on local. 374 more words

New Thinking

Freedom From Confinement

I was talking to a friend recently about losing weight. I said “You don’t understand what this means to me”. Their response was, “You are right that I don’t understand what it means. 764 more words