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Neither Black nor White: shades of grey

In Saturday’s Chronicle Herald, Bill Black wrote an opinion column “How can rural NS prosper without resource extraction ?” and Joan Baxter (White) wrote ” For rural residents, all that glitters is not gold”. 321 more words

New Thinking


The only thing that was roaming around
Was the problem in my society, like an open wound.
From the old to new..
the transiton was requisite… 230 more words

This Was a Super, Super Bowl

I have liked the Super Bowl “LI” times, so far.  This year’s championship game was the best contest I remember.  Both teams played their hearts out.  538 more words

New Thinking

About fear

I feel now that fear in general or I would name it unnamed fear, inexplicable fear or conservative fear or fear of being rejected has been really common issue of not starting things that I would love to. 482 more words



There’s something about the streets of Makurdi… The hustle is real. Buses going fast and then suddenly braking to pick the passenger who is undecided, itinerant salesmen who insist on selling vests, boxers or rat poison to you even if you don’t need it, “Okada” guy who just swerves in front of your car like he’s the one driving your car…(I for hit am, make body pain am), street lights that won’t come on at night except once in four years, trees on the side of the road that offers some protection from the heat of the sun (there’s a different sun for Makurdi), we need more trees…I could go on… 33 more words

New Thinking

हकीकत सा सपना

आज चलो मिल के एक सपना देखे,
अनजान सी इस दुनिया में
कही कोई अपना देखे,
स्वार्थ से ऊपर,
मोह से परे,
किसी में तो इंसानियत का जज़्बा देखे…

चलो देख कर उहि किसी को मुस्कुरा दे,
उससे भी मुस्कराहट की वजह दे,
बिना रखे कही किसी से बैर,
चल दुनिया को मुस्कुराना सीखा दे…

क्यों ना हम भी किसी से दिल लगाए,
क्यों ना आज किसी को अपना बनाये,
भूल कर के नफा फायदे अपने,
क्यों ना किसी की खुसी के लिए रिश्ता निभाए…

आओ किसी भटकते साहिल का किनारा बने,
किसी बेसहारे का सहारा बने,
क्या पता आज इस बहाने,
हम भी निर्जीव से जीवित दुबारा बने…



Tumhare man me jo yeh vichar hai,

yeh sab tumahre ahankar hai,

samajh ki chinta kyun hai tumko?

yeh to bs ek swarthi sansar hai