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Migrant vs. Immigrant

The difference between the reporting of the migration from Syria to Europe highlights a bias in the US media.  The BBC and other media refer to the people moving from one place to another as “Migrants.”  In the US, our media continues to misuse the term “immigrant” referring to people who do not qualify.  455 more words

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Virtual “Winch Mobs” Bring Judgement sans Justice – The Cost of Being Innocent

We have witnessed quite a few swift, unsupported, emotional, societal, and virtual eviscerations, of first responders in the past 3 years, and those in charge promise not to prosecute the mob or the media for the damage they do to innocent members of the public, and public servants caught up in the fray, I think. 344 more words

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All kinds of stupid

I’ve done all kinds of stupid things. I thought I was just stupid. Now, I see that that I was stupid in different ways each time. 30 more words

Knife Control Now!

The stabbings of 22 college students in Pennsylvania should open our eyes to the dangers of knives to our lives.  With more than a billion unregistered knives in the hands of Americans, now is the time to end this obvious threat to our safety and the safety of our children.  245 more words

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What do we really know?

So, lately I’ve come across a few pretty ‘out there’ articles and websites online…I mean of course I have, it’s the internet – it’s mental out there! 349 more words

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Putin Faces Down Obama?

What is the reasoning behind our national choice to become weaker? Do we really think that allowing Vladimir Putin to become Lord of Middle Asia is beneficial? 423 more words

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