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Putin Faces Down Obama?

What is the reasoning behind our national choice to become weaker? Do we really think that allowing Vladimir Putin to become Lord of Middle Asia is beneficial? 423 more words

New Thinking

Friend. Ship.

Friend. Ship. When you read these words separately they hold a sort of benign place. One is a noun that means, “ a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection” and the second is also a noun and means, “A vessel of considerable size for deep-water navigation (Thanks, Google). 821 more words

New Realities And Lemonade.

Why I Gave Up Porn

Well…It’s been over nine months since I last sought pleasure in casting an eye through my computer screen to watch a man (or seven) bang some poor, poor girl, and I’m never going back. 443 more words

New Thinking

Sustainable Consumption and Behavioural Change

Social scientists suggest 75% of a private individual’s direct resource consumption can be linked to everyday practices associated with either mobility, eating and drinking or household water and energy. 922 more words


Banish Worries

I love ‘but.’  It’s a powerful word to declare moving day on worries and cares. The Psalmist loved using it. It helped him focus on Someone bigger than his problems. 1,973 more words

Thinking And Emotions

Setting Sail

So for a long, long time I have had an issue. An issue with the prophetic exclamations heard from all quarters on the subject of life, and of happiness. 551 more words

New Thinking

It's only natural...

Blogging…It feels very much like trying to have a quiet conversation in the middle of a warzone.  There is so much online, so many voices and so much conflicting information. 667 more words

New Thinking