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still trying to change the world

I was always thought that once I turned 30 I would give up on so many things.. like being an activist (which boils down to making a difference everywhere I go).   404 more words

My Thoughts Exactly...

La guerre en rose

Pink is usually known as a romantic, feminin colour. “Pretty in pink”, “la vie en rose”, “walking on pink clouds”. It’s happy colour, representing joy and innocence. 153 more words


Denver Tool Library

A new paradigm in the sharing economy has been rising in tool rental libraries. This uptick in local tool rental libraries around the nation is a direct reflection on the need for the access to tools otherwise expensive to own to be offered through a rental program. 152 more words

The Tiny Home Movement

Freedom from limitations

Suspended in space. Untethered;

floating like a bubble

or dropping like a stone

Expanding in space. Reclaiming;

welcoming like a star beam

or black like a bad dream.

Freedom from limitation;

use imagination.


When it rains......

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Why I haven’t learned this sooner, god only knows! But I have been wondering around metaphorically and quite literally shouting, crying, and trying my hardest to change the most ridiculously external things this way. 193 more words

Health And Wellbeing

QA 52. The real world keeps us honest

Still thinking about the need for a new mode of thinking… What is the proper relation between philosophy and science now?

Last year, citing Stephen (Philosophy-is-Dead) Hawking and Martin Heidegger, I wrote about “the end of philosophy” in the triumph of science. 868 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Hypocrisy, Weakness, and Cowardice After the Shootings in Paris

Armed gunmen murdered 12 people in the Paris office building of Charlie Hegdo in broad daylight. They killed the editor, four cartoonists, two policeman, (one was Muslim) and other employees who just happened to be there. 1,189 more words

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