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A Fashion Spotlight - Calvin Klein

The world of fashion is full of names, people who have excelled at revolutionizing and making the whole idea of “fashion” relevant. One of the biggest names in this fashion world is Calvin Klein, a name known internationally by almost anyone. 452 more words

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Trending: KomeroFood

Throughout my studies I’ve tried to convince everyone (or myself?) that this programme does not make me a food professional or restaurant owner or not necessarily even that interested in food stuff. 433 more words

Interesting Dining Inventions Finland

For The Love Of Shoes {KA Loves}

Welcome to this week’s KA Loves post.

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Are you like me and pop all your shoes away in their relevant box with the labels facing you? 435 more words

My Style Of The Moment

Your Nails Say Volume About You.

They carry you around,the least you should do is to make them feel.

nails,nails,i am talking about your finger and  toe nails.

Now how often do attend to your nails? 61 more words

Horse Trends Today

In a much-changed equine world, learn which new trends have the most to offer for you, your horse, and your goals. -Read the article here >> http://goo.gl/Tr1muO

Existing Structure + Innovation / Challenge = Demand

What makes us want to do better?  For companies, it’s often the need for efficiency, bigger profits, or if nothing else, a need to make things easy and effortless.  299 more words

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This Season, Let Your Suit Speak For You

Some of us put on a suit daily, while some of us wear one occasionally and some of us only “pull out the old suit” every few years to attend a wedding or a funeral. 330 more words

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