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Packing For Traveling

Traveling can be filled with as many pleasant moments as not so pleasant ones. One of the main troubles for travelers starts before the trip even begins, and that is packing. 483 more words

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Online Networking

Networking is a vital component to any business in any industry. The connections you make can either lead you to success or failure, and it is not dependent just on the number of people you know. 537 more words

New Trends

Pesto and the Quinoa Pizza

Happy Tuesday, Dear Readers!

Have I got some updates for you–with pictures. Real pictures with the digital camera, not with the iPhone. Yes, this includes pizza, and it IS gluten-free, but stick with me, so I can explain the entire process. 2,315 more words


I adopted a Tillandsia

Succulents are all the rage right now, especially in rubber dinosaur holders. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a picture of what I’m referring to: cacti and other low-maintenance plants that people have been “adopting” and using as decor. 191 more words

Being Aditi

New Trend: Culottes

Whether they are denim, jumpsuits, or shorts, culottes are popping backup everywhere, and I have to say I love it! If you haven’t seen, or tried them yet, here are some of my favorites. 26 more words


Wide leg scenario 

New trend: wide leg pants.
Shapes have always played an important roll with fashion. Wide leg aka bell bottoms is sneaking it’s way back into style. 128 more words

Getting Clients

One of the worries of any new business is how to get clients. It is probably also the most important concern. As wonderful as it would be to be told to not worry about getting clients, it is definitely something that should not happen. 526 more words