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Fallout 4 and Gone Home: Agency as Tide in Videogames.

So I tried Fallout 4 recently. By which I mean I mostly sat on a coach and watched someone else play it. It’s not relevant to any of this, but i’m still navigating just how much truth is a virtue in blog-posting. 2,171 more words

New Vegas: From Omaha Beach to Mojave Desert

One of the best things about F:NV is the variety of guns to buy and use on the skull of an unlucky Raider — especially with the… 229 more words

Daily Gamer

New Vegas: Meet the Courier

A truism: Fallout is a Computer Role-Playing Game. My favourite part of playing cRPGs is the possibility to invent a personality of my player character which goes beyond the stats, the so-called alignment or karma. 391 more words

Fallout Series

2016-11-09 A Year After Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has been out for one day shy of a year and I still haven’t even touched it.

While this holds true for a large number of games, some much older than Fallout 4, I figured the anniversary of the release date was a good time to reflect on my disappointment. 570 more words

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Review: Fallout

The original Fallout begins in Vault 13. You play as the Vault Dweller, and are tasked by the vault’s Overseer (he’s basically an administrator) to find a water chip to replace the old one that has gone bad. 784 more words


Best Game Purchase of 2015/2016

When Fallout 4 came out, DH bought it the day it was released.

I rolled my eyes when he brought it home. We have 2 small children, and the only time he could play it is on the weekends when the kids are napping or at night, after they go to bed. 637 more words

Fallout 4 'Nuka World' Review

Nuka World is essentially a New Vegas redux with god rays and castrated decision-making. From parlay at noon with a hick robot to the arid wastes that cut up the park grounds, Bethesda have gone out of their way to recapture the messy magic of Obsidian’s Nevadan dystopia. 651 more words