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Fallout Shelter: Added to the Backlog

I might be breaking my own rules a little bit here, but what the hell; I recently found out that Fallout Shelter has been on Android for a while, so I started playing it on my daughter’s tablet. 929 more words

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Fallout 4: Thoughts From Someone Who Hasn't Played a Fallout Game

At least, I haven’t played much. I’ve made it out of the vault in Fallout 3, but after dying in quick succession a few times I chose to play something else. 509 more words

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PAX 2015 Games Criticism Talk: More Than a Score

Last weekend I was lucky enough to give a talk at PAX Prime alongside fellow game critics Zach Alexander, Austin Walker, and Aevee Bee. A couple of people have asked whether the talk will be online anywhere, and while there’s no footage out there (to my knowledge), I figured I’d do the next best thing and upload this lightly edited script of my part of the presentation. 1,350 more words


The "More Boringer" Wasteland: How the Mojave Desert Made for a Superior Fallout

The casino quiets as the doors swing open. In with the dust and radiation comes a legend. Plasma rifle strapped to her back, duster jacket spotted with Fiend blood, she finds the nearest blackjack table, ignoring the silent stares. 1,566 more words


New Vegas Legacy Progress Update

I don’t think I’ll finish on time because Mod Organizer keeps eating my files.

Mod Organizer is a mod manager for Bethesda’s Gamebryo and Creation Engine RPGs (Fallout 3 and New Vegas, TES Oblivion and Skyrim). 593 more words

First Project - Fallout: New Vegas Legacy Items

Well, the first one I might actually finish.

I’ve had quite a few personal projects, and they’ve all gone pretty much nowhere. I’ll probably put up and example in a bit. 575 more words