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Things I've Learned from... Fallout New Vegas

Guidance is not railroading in an Open World

There is a lot of things written about what is allowed in open world sandbox rpgs. But if a Fallout game doesn’t know how to make a sandbox I don’t who can. 1,013 more words


Weekly: Absolutely Barbaric!

Tasting three different flavours of post-apocalypse.

Maybe it’s 2017, butĀ from time to time fond memories still bring me back to the Newgrounds. This time I’m revisiting… 282 more words


Weekly: Men Among the Ruins

Stealing from the evil Old World and giving it to the poor. Then going for a slow walk through a burning forest.

After a prolonged break, I got back to… 380 more words

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'Fallout' Designer Teases New Content

Fallout fans have been getting antsy for any news Bethesda may have on a follow up to the popular post-apocalyptic franchise. Chris Avellone, one of the designers of… 122 more words


New Vegas: Via Crucis

Imagine a scene Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western: a man dragging a corpse along a road in the middle of a post-apocalyptic desert. A woman clad in power armour walks at his side, chattering about weather, food and the last Deathclaw they shot together. 457 more words