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BACK TO THE WASTELAND: Returning to Fallout 4

I reinstalled Fallout 4 on my Xbox One over the Easter period, and probably spent a good twelve hours playing it. At the time I was feeling burnt out, but with some time on my hands it seemed the right occasion to try and fix the bug that had been stopping me playing the post-game with my main character. 874 more words


Improvements and Progress

Building on my entry from last week I’m going to summarize what has happened since.

I took the audio issues to heart and made a concentrated effort to fix things going forward and to reduce post-editing the audio tracks. 1,040 more words

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Xbox live sale 04/10/2018

Xbox sale: Spring Add-on Sale!!!

This weeks sales are bouncing directly from lasts week spring sale. A lot of what xbox has for sale this week is tons of Add-on and DLC for games. 300 more words

Fallout 4 vs Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is a game close to my heart despite how close I came to never buying it. My brother had originally warned me off the idea after discovering it wasn’t made by Bethesda, who produced its predecessor… 2,842 more words

Creative Christmas: Looking Back

Kim’s festive challenge ends today. The final task she gave to her faithful followers was:

You wake up the following morning, hungover but happy – you have an entire day of gaming ahead of you. 247 more words

Creative Christmas: Festive Dining with a Geiger Counter

The last few days were pretty busy, but now I’m finally back to the Creative Christmas competition hosted by Kim from the Later Levels blog. The task for today is… 390 more words


Game Review 8: Fallout - New Vegas

My experience with Fallout: New Vegas is a very strange one. After purchasing it several years ago when a friend told me it was the best in the series by far, I struggled to get past even the opening segment. 1,092 more words