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Violence in Videogames as seen through Fallout: New Vegas

Violence in video games has been something that’s been talked about since videogames have become a thing. It was used as one of the key examples of how videogames were inherently immoral and corrupting those who played them. 1,424 more words


Bethesda Announces Fallout Anthology

In preparation of Fallout 4 Bethesda the Fallout anthology! All of the PC Fallout games in one collection, sold together inside of a mini nuke. No word on price or release date yet, but expect it before November.


Life in the Wastes?

Image captured by Flickr user: Sir Mildred Pierce (cc)

Before I knew it, it was over. I was almost to my destination and had just crested the summit of the final hill when it happened. 912 more words


New Vegas Baby!

For my first review, what better place to start than my favorite game of all time: Fallout: New Vegas.

New Vegas is my favorite game for a lot of reasons, the most prominent being how unique each individual play through can be. 745 more words


To Fallout, or Not to Fallout

Naturally – being the indifferent person that I am – when I heard the news about Fallout 4 being released (Nov 10th this year) I wasn’t very excited, I didn’t care for the hype, to me it was a bunch of fanboys doing what they do. 415 more words


Fallout: New Vegas

Woah. What a game! This beauty offers an extensive world to comb which really shows us what Bethesda can do. The storyline will captivate you quite easily. 75 more words


Why Cazadores Are As Bad As The Legion In New Vegas

I decided to screencap every death by cazador that happened to me while getting to the Great Kahn’s spot in the Red Rock Canyon. 32 more words