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Game of the Week - 02/01/2016

First game of the week for the new year. A new year is a great time for new games and experimentation. It’s a time for new horizons, especially one essay deadline down, though there is still one to go in the upcoming week. 469 more words


Fallout 4 and Gone Home: Agency as Tide in Videogames.

So I tried Fallout 4 recently. By which I mean I mostly sat on a coach and watched someone else play it. It’s not relevant to any of this, but i’m still navigating just how much truth is a virtue in blog-posting. 2,171 more words

New Vegas: From Omaha Beach to Mojave Desert

One of the best things about F:NV is the variety of guns to buy and use on the skull of an unlucky Raider — especially with the… 229 more words

Daily Gamer

New Vegas: Meet the Courier

A truism: Fallout is a Computer Role-Playing Game. My favourite part of playing cRPGs is the possibility to invent a personality of my player character which goes beyond the stats, the so-called alignment or karma. 391 more words

Beginning Of Darkness