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Lonesome Road: To Nipton, and Making (or rebuilding) Friends.

Powder Gangers – dead. New sheriff – installed. Paperwork – filled out to satisfaction. Wasn’t much else to do here in Primm, and the siren song of revenge was still pulling at my blood, tugging me onward. 1,096 more words


Lonesome Road: The Bison Steve, and on to Nipton

The Bison Steve. Stupid name for a place, but no stupider than some of the ones on the Strip (I mean, the Tops? At least Gomorrah’s got a bit of style to it, you know?) Hadn’t ever been a place I’d frequented before. 1,341 more words

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Lonesome Road: Primm

Had a hell of a time getting into Primm. The walk itself wasn’t so bad – like any courier or Junktown Vendor can tell you, once you can see the rollercoaster, you might as well be there, and you can see the rollercoaster just outside of Goodsprings – though I did have to teach a few stray Powder Gangers a lesson. 995 more words


Are review scores irrelevant, and does anybody care about Metacritic anymore?

You might have noticed a slew of video game news outlets making the bold jump to “scoreless” reviews, the most prominent of which would be one of my personal favourites,  1,197 more words


Lonesome Road: Taking Back Goodsprings, and the Chase Begins

Well, the Doc’s impromptu surgery had some side effects; don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to still be here and be (mostly) myself, but there’s a few short circuits. 925 more words


Lonesome Road: Traveling the Mojave Wasteland

For most people, a bad day is running out of cigarettes. Being late. Having a fight with a friend. Dropping your last cap on one of Gomorrah’s tables and seeing that double-ought under the ball. 406 more words


The importance of game review scores

Are review scores still necessary in gaming? This is a question that has been asked by almost every major website. How can you truly quantify the quality of something as complex as a videogame? 1,301 more words