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Skyrim: For Better AND Worse

This is far from a new game — but I don’t care. A lot has been said outlining the positive aspects of this game, so I’ll spare you the fanboi drool. 374 more words


Vegas. New Vegas

After having torn Skyrim to shreds, thus tarnishing Bethesda’s reputation for generations to come (all with the best of loving intentions for RPGs and the industry in general), I was reminded of my experiences with the two most recent Fallout games: Fallout 3 by Bethesda, and Fallout: New Vegas by Obsidian. 2,396 more words


New Beginnings - Fallout - Part 1

I have never really been one for the Fallout games but I think this is due to me getting off on the wrong foot with them. 730 more words


March 25, 2015 | Dream Journal | Another Fallout: New Vegas Dream

Even though I went to bed late again last night I did get enough sleep since I did not have to wake up early this morning, I slept well/solidly, and so I only barely remember part of one dream. 206 more words

Dream Journal

Fallout New Vegas DLCs

I’m serious, Who hates Fallout? Seriously, who the hell does not like fallout? As alot of you guys know, almost all the games in the Fallout… 807 more words


Story struggles: Today's RPGs are failing to engage

I try not to think of myself as an impatient person, but I think I’m starting to understand why I’ve allowed my pile of shame… 472 more words

Pile Of Shame

Trying to decide what to do with Lonesome Road

So, while I haven’t posted it yet (getting the Lonesome Road bits up takes flipping between operating systems a maddening number of times, since the game itself and the screenshots stay locked in Windows, but all my word processing, image editing and WordPress goodies reside on the Mac partition), I’ve reached the point in the game that would conclude Courier Six’s initial bit of story. 292 more words