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Searching for Product-Market Fit? Four Common Pitfalls and Ways to Avoid Them

By Karen Utgoff

Finding product-market fit before investing in full-fledged product or venture development can save money, prevent missteps, reduce risk, and execute effectively. An effective search for product-market fit is essential to realize these benefits. 575 more words

Karen Utgoff

Focus Early on the Value Proposition to Help Manage New Market and New Product Risks

By Karen Utgoff

Savvy small business owners and startup teams take time to develop, test, and validate assumed value proposition(s) before making a significant investment in a new market or new product. 996 more words

Karen Utgoff

When Better Isn’t Good Enough: An Entrepreneur’s Tale

By Karen Utgoff

Many believe that if they build a better mousetrap customers will beat a path to their door, but it isn’t necessarily so. Inventors, small business owners, or startup teams confident that their vision of a better product, service, or technology will automatically lead to business success should balance that confidence with healthy skepticism. 1,036 more words

Karen Utgoff

existential crisis (g2)

I believe all of us go through various stages of our lives where we look up and suddenly think, “I HATE my life right now.” 694 more words

Inner Demons

New Beginnings

This quilt is called “Incandescence” because it looks like masses of light and flames bursting out from the centre.  But it could also be called “In the Beginning, God….”,  the first few words of the Bible.   370 more words




I was watching YouTube and I came across this interview with Fabolous and Kelsey Humphreys and I have to say I had no idea Fabolous was even worth $20m. 29 more words