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New words - 24 October 2016

bobu noun [C] UK /’bəʊ.bu:/ US /’boʊ.bu:/
a businessman who leads a bohemian lifestyle

Welcome to the world of the bobu — bohemian businessman — the new breed of freedom-seeking creative entrepreneur. 167 more words

New Words

hwo, or why English spelling is so unphonetic

We waited and waited, and endured and endured, and hoped, and  – FINALLY it is FRIDAY!!

Survived the week. Feeling like a hero.
This week was really hard. 2,050 more words

Progress Report

Poetry and The Fiction Writer

The collection of books pictured above was inspired by discovering The Art of series at my local library. The Art of discusses different aspects of writing with examples from a great variety of texts. 646 more words


Sticker Map is all fixed up!!!

I am working on the shed shop today, specifically the Sticker Map!!! The map was taken all apart for the move and now I need to put it all back together and figure out what state the stickers belong to. 56 more words

Cy's Corner Shop

New words - 17 October 2016

chatbot noun [C] UK /’tʃæt.bɒt/ US /’tʃæt.bɑːt/
a software program that uses artificial intelligence to mimic conversation with the user

Nadella and Marcus see chatbots – computer programs that you interact with by “chatting” – for example in threads in messaging apps – as an important new human/machine interface. 138 more words

New Words

New word Tuesdays

Screen-eyes – That furtive look when one tries so hard not to glimpse at their phone….