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New words – 21 May 2018

monkey dumpling noun [C]
a group of macaque monkeys standing very close together in order to stay warm

When temperatures drop, macaques often huddle together to pool their body heat, forming what’s known as a saru dango, or “monkey dumpling.” This behavior is common among the 23 species of macaques, all of which form complex matriarchal societies. 241 more words

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The Word Today - Day 3!

Today’s Word holds a great relation to this day, the first day of the week – Monday. The day when we soar into the week, just like a bird soars into the sky. 7 more words


Vocabulary Lesson

I found another label for my decorating style which appeals.


It’s a Swedish term, meaning not too much, not too little. Perfect!

Hygge, Cwtch, & Lagom… 97 more words


New words – 14 May 2018

root-to-stem adjective
referring to a trend in cooking that involves using as much of a fruit or vegetable as possible

Root-to-stem cooking is a huge food trend. 275 more words

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