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Language game: how long is yer list?

Sometimes I sit at the kitchen table, press the plunger on the coffee pot and think: I wonder how many Out(Neder)landish animals I can list. Maybe… 40? 58 more words


New words - 8 February 2016

farecasting noun predicting the optimum date to buy a plane ticket, especially on a website or using an app

A handful of new and updated websites and apps are trying to perfect the art of what’s known as farecasting – predicting the best date to buy a ticket. 78 more words

New Words

Hoeveel [...] weet je?

Soms zit ik in de keuken en ik vraag me af hoeveel dieren ik eigenlijk weet… of kleuren… of stoffen enz. Eerste denk ik over de aantal woorden dat ik waarschijnlijk weet en dan probeer ik meer op te schrijven. 78 more words



This week’s Terminology Tuesday is looking at the term rhizome! Rhizomes are underground plant stems, which often produce adventitious roots and scaly leaves. This can be very beneficial for the plant, since cutting down the herbaceous growth above does not affect the plant much. 100 more words

New word Tuesdays

Omnicure (n.) – Someone who will eat just about anything no matter how badly cooked.


New words - 01 February 2016

awesomesauce noun slang the state of being extremely good or enjoyable or something or someone that is extremely good or enjoyable

Recovering from the awesomesauce of another fab #Vidcon!! 186 more words

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