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New words - 26 June 2017

asperitas noun [U]
UK /æsˈpe.rɪ.təs/ US /æsˈpe.rɪ.t̬əs/
a type of cloud that forms a thick layer in the shape of waves

The asperitas cloud is among the stars of the World Meteorological Organization’s scarcely published International Cloud Atlas. 149 more words

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Adjective – exempt from denouncing; that which simply cannot be spoken poorly of; incontestable

“…and I can’t scold you: you’ve got that indecriable charm.”

New words - 19 June

F rating noun [U]
UK /ˈef.reɪ.tɪŋ/ US /ˈef.reɪ.t̬ɪŋ/
a classification awarded to a film written or directed by a woman, or with important female characters … 192 more words

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Covfefe is So Fetch

“That’s so fetch!” I say, after watching Mean Girls (2004) for the ten million, twelve hundredth and eleventh time. (I felt a bit like beloved president Jacob Zuma trying to type that number.) I’m reminded that I have no idea where fetch comes from, Gretchen only offers the explanation, “It’s like slang, from England”. 386 more words


Monday Mealtime Musings... "Gwaboing"

The cute/funny things Aadie says at the kitchen table always have a way of tickling my funny bone. She loves to practice “verbing”  these days. So whether or not she’s hopping like a bunny, or skipping or jumping, she’s always on the move…. 171 more words

Mom Life

New words - 12 June 2017

ambient tea noun
a type of tea served at room temperature, usually with food

Ambient tea … feels appropriate for service with fine food as it can be poured from a bottle or decanter into glasses at a temperature that creates no condensation on the glass and is pleasant to hold in one’s hands. 131 more words

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