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New words – 21 August 2017

ecotherapy noun [U]
UK /ˈiː.kəʊ.θer.ə.pi/ US /ˈiː.koʊ.θer.ə.pi/
a method of improving someone’s well-being by engaging them in outdoor activities such as gardening and conservation work … 265 more words

New Words

Worth 23 Points at Scrabble

Photo: thebarrowboy

The game of Scrabble can be played in many languages, but English probably offers the most entertainment as it is known for having an awful lot of words. 232 more words

New words – 14 August 2017

hack day noun [C]
an event at which employees of a company meet to discuss problems or ideas

Online property marketplace Hubble used an internal hack day as a team-building exercise and also to identify and fulfil new opportunities. 212 more words

New Words

New Words for Real Scenarios

“Botendaddy. No one cares about anything you say or do. No one cares about your Teenage Hitler or ANTIFA stickers or your horse 🐴 crap 💩 mislabeled photos or your stupid running 🏃 stories or your bullshit sex… 463 more words


Danke, Duden

If you thought you were finally getting your head around the German language, I’m sorry to disappoint you – you now have 5,000 new words to remember. 539 more words


For Want of a Better Word

oh the joy of adding a new word to my vocabulary.

Comment below with just the word that you love the most. Help me to expand my horizons.

New Beginning

Conceptiams: neologisms that define our times, ed. 1

A collision of the Information Age and our collective unconscious has helped comedians write jokes, Hallmark create greeting cards and made memes an ever present reality. 399 more words