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Word of the Day—August 25, 2016

adulatory (adj): excessively praising or admiring

The professor’s comments were full of adulatory remarks and really weren’t helpful at all.

Word Of The Day

september is marching on, BUT we ain`t scared

Only a week to go till September, and yes, it is sad :(
During this month i was all like

fully enjoying myself, so to say. 831 more words

Progress Report

A New Word for an Old Problem

I tried to do some printing the other day, but my printer flashed up Error Code B200 and told me to contact my supplier. Too lazy to hunt out my sales documents, I instead googled the term. 241 more words

Real Life

New words - 22 August 2016

ringxiety noun the phenomenon of seeming to hear or sense a non-existent message or call on your phone

Do YOU have ‘ringxiety’? Being insecure about relationships leads people to hear ‘phantom calls’, researchers say… 142 more words

New Words

The Insouciance of Faith

Amidst the rapid influx of change in my life, I began to find myself becoming more stressed out than I had been for some time, more tired and ultimately, feeling more distant from God. 775 more words


New English words announced - but there's still one missing!

I found out yesterday, courtesy of a fellow blogger Emily Hawker, that The Oxford English Dictionary announced the inclusion of an additional thousand words to its next edition. 618 more words

Life And Learning - Thinking Space

New words 15 August 2016

gringe noun a grown-out fringe (of hair)

‘A side-swept ‘gringe’ like Kate’s is good because it is forgiving and easy to grow out if the woman who has it isn’t a fan. 77 more words

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