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New words - 5 December 2016

nutricosmetics noun UK/ˌnjuː.tri.kɒzˈmet.ɪks/ US /ˌnuː.trikɑːzˈmet̬.ɪks/
substances, especially in the form of a liquid or a pill, that are intended to improve your appearance

Nutricosmetics – beauty products you ingest rather than apply – promise everything from firmer skin to thicker hair. 186 more words

New Words

something old, something new

One of the brightest events of this week was Aivan`s visiting the uni!! SO unexpected! A good surprise :) It was nice to see him and talk a bit about the camp. 997 more words

Progress Report

English whirled wide

What is your good name?

One of the most common of mistakes, this term simply means, ‘What’s your name?’. This is often a direct, word by word translation of the same phrase in Hindi, “Aapka shubh naam?”. 378 more words

What-nots - Trivia

November 28, 2016

Meal….that was the new word of the day!

I was putting the little boys down for a nap when the 3 year old asked if he could have a ‘meeyal’ after nap. 125 more words


New word Tuesdays 

Fletter (v.) – To use a cuss word without actually using it. Eg. “What the ‘eff’ are you doing?”



        I use to be full of vigor when it came to writing. Then with time,life, and many trials I have fallen short of anything close to it.   101 more words


New words - 28 November 2016

glass wall noun UK /ˌglɑːs ˈwɔːl/ US /ˌglæs ˈwɑːl/
a barrier to becoming accepted or included at work, usually affecting women or minority groups

The ‘glass wall’ that divides men and women they argue, is the new glass ceiling. 171 more words

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