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Rachel Sylvester Humpty Doo Time-Travelling Book Connection

After I revealed that Rachel Sylvester was one of my interviewees for my PhD thesis in the recent Theresa May Knighthood blog post, and The Times… 485 more words


New words - 25 July 2016

unschooling noun an educational method or concept that involves children directing their own learning by following their own interests rather than by having a structured curriculum… 157 more words

New Words

Improve your vocabulary

Words are a very important constituent of life. I have observed that a person’s life can be limited by his vocabulary. You might be wondering how that is possible. 299 more words

Mental Health

I saw rain lines

It’s not that often that I come across a word that I don’t recognise, even in context, nor even seen before. These surprises are a joy that spark the curiosity. 231 more words



The other day I was reading the dictionary – because…yes, I really do have that kind of time – and I was taking note of this year’s new words.  513 more words


3 DAYS TO GO feeling resfeberish.

nervous-excited-nervous-excited-WHAT AM I DOING-excited-nervous-CAN’T WAIT-nervous-excited… etc. 24/7

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Crazy Excitement

New words - 18 July

circular economy noun an economic model that prioritises the longevity of goods, for instance by sharing or recycling them

Amsterdam is fast becoming a leading circular-economy city, with businesses such as MUD Jeans and Fairphone committed to a circular economy business model. 134 more words

New Words