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Coffee culture

by Colin McIntosh​

In a study published recently and widely reported in the media, researchers from Harvard University School of Public Health found that people who drink a moderate amount of coffee per day are less likely to die from a range of diseases. 418 more words

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New word Tuesdays

Thankmore – (antonym – thankless) Someone overly gushing with gratitude.


New words - 23 November 2015

climatarian adjective choosing to eat a diet that has minimal impact on the climate, i.e. one that excludes food transported a long way or meat whose production gives rise to CO2 emissions … 212 more words

New Words

Burn Sky Until We See Lines

Don’t worry I am not trading in my Betty Crocker ways for Leaving Las Vegas. Burn sky until we see lines is a Star Wars term, likely uttered by the handsome Hans Solo. 469 more words


Scouring the Web to Make New Words ‘Lookupable’

Language is alive! It is constantly evolving, leaving some words by the roadside, others get blended to form new ones and others simply just seem to appear from nowhere. 1,174 more words


Happy shopping!

by Colin McIntosh​

Traditionally in the US, people’s minds start turning towards the holidays after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November). That’s not your summer holidays, as Brits might understand it, but the December pile-up of religious and secular festivities that represents the high point of consumer spending, not just in the US, but in many countries around the world. 383 more words

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