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Lazy Ways

I have lazy ways,

they go every which direction…

All but the right one –

their determination being

there are no right ones,

only predilections. 42 more words

New Work

I'm Not Dead, Here's Some New Art!

I’m back again! I’ve been pretty quiet on here and have been taking a bit of a project hiatus in general as I go through some life transitions and changes in a couple of areas, but have completed a few smaller stand alone projects. 509 more words


[Random] Beehivemind

Bees most busy

at other hives

are bees too busy

to mind their lives.

New Work

Pheno(t)menally Okay

I am not okay…

…but I guess I’ve wanted to be for so long
that I pretended I was.
I function.
And often, I’m even happy; 244 more words

New Work

Causal Casualties

Maybe you right
and I’m not who I say
I am.
But maybe also
that’s because
I’d been too busy
trying to become
who everyone else
said I should be.

New Work

Remove the mask
and away falls the fear,
the doubt, the shame
of not being “acceptable,”
of not living beyond expectation
and custom.
Shadow and pain fade to ash. 59 more words

New Work