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Shiny Happy Asheville

I was first wooed by Asheville, North Carolina when I went to a friend’s wedding there in 2015. A year after, I fully fell for Asheville while on assignment there shooting a… 739 more words


Sick Day

Sparkly nails and coffee cups,

a rumpled comforter,

sunlight on my bare skin…

Today feels like fuzzy socks

and comfort food

and not leaving my bed. 14 more words

New Work

Wandering Antenna

In the background,
Sadé is crying everyone’s tears

and me, I just…
feel everyone’s feelings,
a wandering antenna
picking up the static
hidden behind waves – 43 more words

New Work


Sorry if it seems

I’m just not into this –


I’ve arrived at the end of my emotional


and currently,

all I have to hold onto… 7 more words

New Work


I don’t remember my dreams

sometimes I wonder why.

Dare my subconscious hide from me?

But, no…

I’m comfortable with my own shadows, too.

the dreams I can’t recall… 6 more words

New Work

Heavy Too Long

Don’t be so heavy,
drop those burdens you bear…
They’re not yours to carry alone;

Your humanity is your heroism-
but even heroes can’t save them all. 47 more words

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