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Writing project, August 2020

This month’s word is colourful, meaning “having intense colour or richly varied colours” or “vivid, rich, or distinctive in character”.

This one is late again, sorry! 335 more words

New Work

Self doubt

Why do we seek acceptance in everything we do?

Sometimes I wonder if we even have a clue

We go from day to day just getting by… 92 more words


Stealing Daisies: Story Time With Tim

It’s that time again! Time to share one of my short stories up on here and see how many folks like it. This one was written back in 2004 CE with a word count of around sixty seven hundred words. 7,193 more words


What's the point?

I sometimes wonder what’s the point

As I do the same each day

Depression seeping deep within

It makes my mind decay

As I search for a way to change my life… 22 more words


Shooting Star

I am but only
A shooting star
Pointy tail
Breathing crystal fire
Lighting up the heavens
Majestic and serene
Though temporary and frail.
Eyes turn skywards for ages… 183 more words


"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature & where flowers bloom do does hope! "🌸💮

By the way I also started calligraphy. I hope you all guys will like this and for more work like these check out some good stuff on my insta and facebook page. 8 more words

The Trixx Rabbit Strikes Back: Story Time With Tim

It’s that time again! I think I’m going to start shifting postings to the weekends because trying to do it during the week is becoming a little challenging. 5,821 more words