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Whole world appears

It is interesting to consider something a martial arts master had explained to the class. It was that reality can be simplified to a point. The point may be a form or set of techniques. 259 more words

Wonder World

You have nothing to prove.

Be glad the sun rose,

And do the best you can.

Sometimes I feel like this saying is wrong. I think we should always strive to do all we can; not the best. 74 more words


Perks of Small Pueblo Livin'

Since I’ve been in Ciudad Cortes, I get this question multiple times a week: “Why aren’t you living in a predominantly English-speaking community?”

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that not a whole lot of people speak English in this little pueblo. 352 more words


Loving Life

I have learned to love the sun.

The kiss of the rain.

The touch of earth,

The rushing of the wind.

The beautiful cracks of age, of growth. 51 more words


Time Waits For Everyone

Time is not a thoughtless Racer

It is just a fast Walker that waits for everyone that can read its pace.


If wishes were horses,beggars would ride.

324 more words

The Journey Begins

You pay me a one-time payment of $2222 (angel number) and I will become your partner for life. I honestly do not know how many people I will allow myself the luxury of working with due to this not being a program and everyone will be in direct contact with me. 325 more words


The Royal Wedding

I’ve just watched the Royal Wedding – and if you’re asking “What royal wedding?” you needn’t read on. I wasn’t going to watch, but I had… 196 more words