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Red pill of bodybuilding

Bodybuilding, the most controversial topic today is the most simplest thing. The constant bombardment of the shirtless images of fashion models, increase a guy’s desire to be like them. 560 more words

New World

Unconditional living

In loving dedication of my selves and my other selves.

How fun and sacred;
How beautiful and precious, the veil of forgetfulness.
How sweet and silly of you, you God, to pretend that you are just a little human being. 664 more words

A flaw of Manosphere

Red pill and manosphere or whatever you call it, is one of the sanest thing I have come around in this century. After all degeneracy and stupidity around you, this is the shining ray of hope. 510 more words

New World

Waking up from a dream.

Getting out of college would feel like waking up from a dream.

Waking up from a near- perfect place of friendships, love, fun to the reality of life. 410 more words


Everything will be just right

The typical ride-to-school conversation started with, “Daddy, how come our body can’t enter heaven when we die?” I responded, “Well God said it is to return to dust, but we’ll have a new body when Jesus returns.” 282 more words

The Father

What are you doing to protect yourself from the views of the world?

With all of the filtered hatred, misunderstanding and misinformation handed out by our trusted media, what are you doing to protect yourself from following in the footsteps of the masses, the hypocrites, and the ignorant? 288 more words



Your sanity is the greatest threat to the status quo.

Because your sanity retains humanity and dignity, is not afraid all the time, and creates new spaces for growth. 132 more words