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1. The part of me

I live in Nome, a happy town. Every year there is a dogsled race. So here I am laying in the snow between two houses, watching the children playing with balls and the snow. 2,294 more words


New World Issue # 4: Sneak Peek


Maria was so hungry, but equally tired. It had been four hours since her mother had been raped and killed by Rey Hefe’s soldiers at the Mexican/New Angeles border when she and her Mother tried to cross into New Angeles. 1,489 more words


New Zealand's Big Reds

We’re back!  It was a terrific visit to New Zealand. What a beautiful and diverse country – from the verdant hillsides covered in vines to the rugged natural beauty of the South Island, from the bustle of wharf-side Aukland to the laid back charm of Queenstown this is a nation of experiences.  745 more words

Wine Experience

New World Issue Four Coming Soon!

New Angeles is a limbo territory that Texas purchased from Mexico. It is a thousand mile stretch becoming even greater than Las Vegas ever was. Anything that is illegal in America was legal in New Angeles. 164 more words


Self (Pep) Talk 

The words New World have been tainted. They have been claimed by the shadows. I am taking them back. I am shining the light on this act of the sick shadows, and using the words New World in a new way. 64 more words

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New World Issue 3: Wages Of Sin (Finale) 

The BRC hovered above the circular shaped landing pad, Merci looked out of the driver side window looking down seeing a short cut dark haired woman with her arms crossed behind her back. 6,166 more words


New World

and snow’s the best we can hope for.

There’s going to be a storm, no doubt.

We could do with some snow.

Gentle flakes, spinning to the Earth, 75 more words