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New World Coming Soon!

I am trying to find something that I will stay on. So to make it more interesting for me I decided to go this direction. Each post will be an issue (I love comic books) and highlight a human, Humanite, Feya, or Mutate. 107 more words


Star seeds, indigo, crystal souls… What? How? Why?

In my post Will we let the Matrix win?, I talked about the illusion we are entrapped in and that we call ‘reality’. I encouraged you to find out alternative truths to break free of the illusion… Here is my take on those alternative truths. 1,548 more words


Wohnzimmerphilosophie #1 - Alte Welt, neue Welt?

A week ago or so, I followed an inspired impulse and invited a bunch of people to my parents’ place for an intentional conversation on the theme of “Old world, new world?”. 665 more words


Zombie Caterpillars

Do you know about the psychological projection theory, otherwise known as blame shifting?

No matter where you work, live, or travel to, you are going to experience this phenomenal piece of psychology. 210 more words

What One Thing Most Helped Colonial Agriculture?

There are many things one might consider vital to the success of agriculture in Britain’s North American colonies, and indeed throughout the New World. Plows and scythes, learning about new crops, introducing pigs and cows–so many possibilities. 211 more words


Fiction Friday: Hide and Seek

I’ve been scouring the Internet for interesting prompts, and this one called out to me for some reason. I’ve been bouncing around with some ideas for it, but I’m still not sure it’s going to evolve past what I have here. 1,578 more words


New Beginnings #3: Looking Backwards to Start Anew: Migration and Contemporary Cinema in Italy

A memorable scene of 1917 Charlie Chaplin’s silent comedy short The Immigrant denounces the brutal mistreatment of newly arrived immigrants – many of which were Italian nationals – in New York by local public officials. 619 more words

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