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New World Vol.1 #01

So I’ve decided to start posting stuffs on New World, you know, to keep the blog abit more active I hoped.. New World Vol.1 (ニューワールド Vol.1: Maiden of Silver Tears) is an apps game for iOS/Android. 225 more words


Opposing the norm

As someone who has always challenged the status quo, I always questioned my religion, I challenged Catholicism. Never truly grasped the religion nor did I ever considered myself catholic for that particular reason. 210 more words

Life In Your 20's

New World Complete (For Now)!

Hi everyone, so, New World has some interesting story that I hope you’ll all enjoy when I finish transcribing and translating it. So far, as of version 1.1.4, the game includes three acts (all of which I have completed on Normal Mode) and several sub-quests after each act (all of which I have now completed) and many Character Quests (which I have not completed yet, but these are side stories that don’t affect the main story too much). 54 more words


Crowned Divinity | Chapter 1 - New World

Iair found himself in foreign territory for the second time since his death. His back lay against the base of a rocky mountain just a few meters from the forest in front of him. 1,169 more words



As a music producer,  I Joshua  Howard will bring  you today the most interesting of my projects. However it  is not  what I would consider one of my best produced songs/pieces. 109 more words


Sing and sing with all your strength,

Use your golden voice with purpose,

Bless a thousand men and more,

Just because you sang the chorus. 39 more words