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New World Timeline

I was asked by a friend who reads my blog what is the time line of the New World Series? How close is it to other events from blogs connecting to this universe? 107 more words



How I danced through the mist.

Elbow high and thickening.

My feet barely touched the ground.

When I danced through the mist.

The world was gleaming after this. 143 more words


Plymouth Plantation Bow vs Musket Battle

A Relation or Journal of the Proceedings of the English Plantation Settled at Plymouth, by Edward Winslow and others (London, 1622)

About midnight we heard a great and hideous cry, and our sentinels called, …

773 more words

Samuel Champlain, Part 3

On his third voyage in 1615, Samuel Champlain again came to the aid of his native allies against an Iroquois fort. Battle was joined on the 10th of October, in what is now Madison County, New York. 1,926 more words


The simplest of things - a reflection

There is an empty space besides me. In the silence my thoughts circle around the day and the month and the year. The hour is a cool breeze that touches my face as it brushes through my flat… in the background church bells compete with the chirping of birds as the afternoon strikes twelve. 136 more words

New World


The crack of dawn greets me.

A brilliant smile on its face.

A rushing to smile back,

Sends me to the rails.

My arms spread wide, 12 more words