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New World #6: H2O Part 3

Valhalla sat in the chair in his penthouse watching the news from a large monitor on the wall, Director Biyase stood silently with his arms crossed in front of him, he stood in front of Valhalla’s office desk. 623 more words


Churton, new world wine tempered with old world style

Churton was established in 1997 by Sam and Mandy Weaver. From site selection and bio-dynamic practices through to low intervention winemaking, Churton produces exceptional terroir driven wines. 322 more words


New World News Flash

“In the news today, there has been more information on the Mutate known as Hiro Oda. As National News Network reported first that two days ago the Mutate broke out of his containment water based cell at one of VCI’s private facilities in Kentucky. 604 more words


Things that has been happening thus so far around us. *spoiler inside*

Hey all to fellow readers and bloggers,

I was watching Walking Dead season 7 Episode 1 the other day (I know, Kinda late) and I was thinking, Glenn’s and Abraham’s death sparked a lot of controversial issues as his death, as I quote from the writer “unexpected as well, but essential for story growth”. 1,045 more words

Necessary preparations for our sea voyage.

Since early morning I was so excited about my future adventure so I could barely share my breakfast with my beloved parents. Mother has noticed my impatience and Father finally released me from the table. 345 more words

New World

Picture-ception - Nisarg Mankad

Infinite Life- Inception (Picture-ception. Or better, I call it Nisu-ception. :P)

Looping- a phenomenon which redefines infinity. There are people who represent an unsatisfactory soul, who don’t see a bright path ahead, who think their life is already miserable. 789 more words

Dream World

Preparation for my greatest voyage to the New World for unbelievable adventures, uncounted fortunes and the greatest fame Spaniard​ could get.

On this day 18th June in the year of our Lord 1618, and I am beginning to write this diary about my voyage to the New World, seeking richness and fame, prosperity and of our Kingdom and spread the words of our Lord. 564 more words

New World