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2015 progress report: yoga and (not many) packed lunches

Whew. Another month has already whizzed by!

This is just a quick post to look back on what I’ve been getting up to over the past month, so I can see how I’m getting on. 530 more words


New Year Resolution!

Seriously, what does it mean to you? I don’t believe in it. I still don’t understand what it means in this part of the world. Some people before us probably misused it and we’ve lost the meaning. 319 more words

Old Posts

16.2% of the year is gone, what have you done?

At the outset of each new year, collective humanity sets out to better itself, resolving to eradicate our unhealthy habits and cultivate healthy ones. But while the most typical New Year’s resolutions tend to be about bodily health, for me the most meaningful ones aim at a deeper kind of health through the refinement of my mental and emotional habits. 2,304 more words

Agile Thinking

A weekend: tagine and waffles

This weekend has been a weekend of delicious, delicious eats, and there’s nothing quite like yummy foods to put me in a positive frame of mind for the beginning of the new week. 405 more words


Hot Charleston Saturday 7th March + 21st March

Hot Charleston is a great way to learn the Charleston, have fun, burn off those holiday calories and meet some great people. In March the first one is the… 109 more words

Rob + Tina

So fluffy I could DIE!

That right there, my friends, is the result of blood, sweat and many, many tears.

That’s my first successful sourdough bread loaf, made from scratch with just flour, water, salt and the sourdough starter that was, yep, made by me. 142 more words


From Square One

Hello to you all! Sending you late* new year greetings and a mountain load of confetti (woo).

Now with it being a new year and all,  I would have usually made new year’s resolutions. 211 more words