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Healthier Me Goals: The Plan

So after doing a bit of soul searching into my current eating and exercising habits I’ve come up with several goals to try and reach during the year. 576 more words


Pay yourself first (why we fail at life explained)

I recently learned that most of us fail to put away money/ time and go back to being broke/feeling defeated after we receive our salaries or at the end of the day because of this one thing .We pay everyone else first so theres no money/time left for our savings or things that we(the owners of the salaries) really want to buy/do and this according to Jae Mcpherson(a youtuber Im watching recently ) is something thatll drive you into a vicious cycle .Heres how it goes ; You want something so bad or you probably want to save youself some money ,but as is your norm ,you pay everyone else before yourself , so theres rent, school fees,credit I think you get my point and by the end of this exercise you realise you have little to no money/time/willpower to spend on yourself .What does this then do: lead you into scarcity psychology. 528 more words

My 2017 Bucket List

Every January I found myself setting New Year resolutions only to find a few months later they were a distant memory. Every year the resolutions had reducing debt and losing weight. 353 more words


12 Things I want to do rather than just talk about doing – October 2017

Stupid idea this, going public with my new year resolutions.  I blame my poorly considered resolution choices.  I should also have kept my positive number 1, visiting one new country in 2017, as I have just made it to four this year, being in Oman, number four, as I type.  578 more words

New Year Resolutions

Welcome to the greatest blog ever.

Welcome to PenCircles; a blog hosted by two random people, one a sane dude (Me) alongside his weird partner in crime (Her) covering so many random but interesting topics weekly. 666 more words


Book Club Question #2

In my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room,” an embarrassing situation was a catalyst for change.  In our Book Club Discussion today, let’s consider our motivations – the thoughts behind our actions. 94 more words

Elephant In The Room

Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy: A Journal

This cute little book (it fits in the palm of your hand), “Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy: A Journal,” by Robie Rogge and Dian G. 330 more words

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