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12 Things I want to do rather than just talk about doing - August 2017

I would probably best be advised to quit my resolutions (and writing about them), though that’s more or less what I inadvertently did in July.  This is a fail more epic than all the other fails and the fish and chips I snuck in on 30th July were so un-fish-like that I thought it was chicken, but it’ll have to be fish as I haven’t eaten much fish, and, really, that isn’t even the most unachievable of my 12 things.   605 more words

New Year Resolutions

Ted Talk: What reality are you creating for yourself?

Hey 20 Somethings!!

I find ted talks motivating and powerful, so every now and then I like to browse through to see what I can find. 204 more words

Real Life

Checking Off My 2017 Resolutions - Status Update

I am one of those cheesy people who makes a big long list of resolutions every year.

New Year Resolutions get a lot of negative press, probably because a lot of people seem to think about this on January 1, and then forget for the next 364 days of the year. 1,126 more words


Revisiting My New Year's Resolution





  1. in a way that shows determination or resolve.

    “Rachael takes the lead, striding purposefully towards the door”

  2. with a useful purpose.

    “how is it possible to share information effectively and purposefully with project partners?”

  3. 204 more words

New Year's Resolutions

As 2016 came to an end, and the start of 2017 arrived in an explosion of fireworks, I did what most people do and made my New Year’s resolutions. 135 more words

12 things I want to do rather than just talk about doing – June 2017





With the odd non-life-changing exceptions, I might as well copy and paste last month’s “progress” report.  I haven’t ruled out changing my resolutions for next month, a half-year reassessment, but going by my, “Ooops, forgot I was supposed to be doing that” mindset with this, the odds are high I’ll forget.   425 more words


The Guysexual's Guide to 'Goodbye 2016'

How does the average gay man measure the past year?

In the number of boys he ghosted? The number of times he had his heart broken? 813 more words