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#8 - Clicked by Pratik Akkawar (unedited) - Resolution 2015

This is my #8 entry photograph in my resolution about photography. If you are not aware, you can check out my resolutions for this year… 187 more words

Pratik Akkawar

On New Year Resolutions

I am reminded of one little incident from my school days, when I must have been studying in sixth or seventh grade that year. During last week of December, our class teacher had asked all the boys (ours was ‘only for boys’ school) in the class to make New Year Resolutions to improve our lifestyles as students and to become responsible members of our respective families. 945 more words


Diet Another Day. Don't.

One of my resolutions this year was to eat healthy. Surprisingly, I’ve been sticking to that for the past 6 months and still going strong.I find both cooking and eating a big chore. 623 more words

New Year Resolutions

Upping sticks and moving home

Whew! I guess I disappeared for a while – but it’s all for good reason. The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy, but I’ve managed to achieve one of my biggest resolutions for 2015. 340 more words


07-08-2015 Mid-Year Review, 2015 Resolutions!

I’m writing this mid-year review of my New Year’s resolutions and it seems I’m doing a little better than I’ve done in the past.  Just as an FYI, here’s a copy of the disclaimer I used after completing  my review of 2014’s resolutions. 471 more words

Just Saying Again

It's already July, any resolutions?

I have created this blog 3 years ago (oh yea… Happy anniversary Peace of Mind), and my only goal was to write. I wanted to share my opinions, experiences, express feelings, and learn new things. 146 more words

Fear holding you back in life?

Over the past few years I’ve realised something…I’ve been letting my fears hold me back from doing things I want in life. For 2015, I decided this needed to stop and I was going to overcome these fears. 944 more words