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2016: A Year in Review

The year 2017 is in full swing. Have you reviewed the plans you had made for 2016? How did you do?

I didn’t meet all my goals. 125 more words

A magical Surprise

I think this title is completely appropriate because goodness me did this product shock me. About a month ago I was having some serious trouble with my skin because like any true Gemini it had no idea what it wanted.   271 more words

Cape Town

Lucky Number

Already it has been two months since the new year rang its bell.  I have not yet divulged all the luck I drew over the past year, I have not yet documented all the adventures that the past year brought. 815 more words


New Year's Resolutions

Hello, it’s been a while.

I’ve been meaning to write this since January  but I’ve not had the time! And I don’t mean a “I decided to go on Facebook instead”  type of arrangement but a genuine “oh my goodness its nearly the end of February” type thing. 990 more words

Jesus' resolution for you.

The beginning of a new year means time for change.

Time to exercise more or eat better. Time to save money and become more financially stable. 925 more words

The Dwelling Place

The Way We Lied

“Any more for a thirsty man?” he was soon saying, turning to the blushing tea lady with a beaming smile. She was at his side in seconds, pouring more of the dark treacle and giggling like a woman sixty years younger as he heaped praise upon her bitter stewed brew. 747 more words

Suzanne Goldring

2017 update

Thanks to you, our readers and authors, 2016 was the biggest year yet for Brain Lag. The addition of our fifth author, Stephen B. Pearl, and his Tinker books, along with Hugh A. 169 more words