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New year in the dancing fountains.

I had started to question the reason I left England as it came up to February. I have had the year from hell so far, with former employers trying as hard as possible to make me uncomfortable (I need a full post for that though) and as a consequence the start to this year has been nothing but tedious, hard work and painful confrontations. 272 more words


Chengdu Day 5: Hotpot and Mr. Panda

We spent our last day in Chengdu relaxing (or feeling sorry for our hungover selves). Being Chinese New Year’s Day, most shops and restaurants were closed near our hostel. 347 more words



I can’t believe it’s 2015 already! First year of the Goat since I was born, in 2003! It probably doesn’t seem like long ago for you, depending on how old you are, but for me that’s “ages” ago. 58 more words

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My Airman Graduated: Day 1

Waking up this morning knowing the high temperature was only going to be 45 degrees did not make me want to get out of bed. But knowing that I would finally be able to lay eyes on my Airman after a long 9 weeks apart made me feel brave enough to face the cold. 909 more words


So, I found out that there’s a New Years Countdown timer available from Itunes app store. Now, I’ve got this song in my head….

Relax, I know it’s a long way.