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New Years Resolutions?

Did you know that, of the 45% of Americans that set New Years Resolution goals, 66% of them are fitness related goals and 73% of that 66% give up before reaching those goals. 103 more words

The New Year's Resolution of the Century

For three years now I have been working through the “one year” classic devotional My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. It’s working out quite perfectly as I’m coming to the end of it in December. 467 more words

The Jesus Life

Time to Relax Yet?

I thought once the wedding was over, we’d be able to sit back and relax… That’s a joke! Once we came back from the honeymoon, it was pretty much Thanksgiving and now it’s practically Christmas!! 203 more words


My new years resolution...

Man, this year was just… The words actually fail me.

But my resolution for next year… Well that requires us to go back to the end of 2015. 647 more words

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Clean Eating? So Have I Been Eating Dirty All This Time?

By Zerline Hughes

It’s that time again: New Year’s resolution-do-better-than-last-year-I’m-gonna’-live-right-and-lose-a-million-pounds time of year. And of course, being that it’s December, we’re all gonna’ try to jump the gun and get started a month early, right? 336 more words


New Year's Resolution 2017

Blogged while contemplating the future

2017 will be the first year when my New Year’s resolution actually has nothing to do with weight loss. I guess after you’ve reached a certain age, you start to accept yourself for the way you are or take active steps to change the things you don’t like. 235 more words

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2017 Renegade Nutrition Challenge

On January 6th at 7pm we will be holding our Bi-Annual Nutrition Seminar and kicking off this season’s Nutrition Challenge. Our January Nutrition Challenge will be similar to the super successful Summer challenge. 694 more words