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I'm a Terrible Student

So I didn’t rewrite my notes… But I did take them in class…

I wasn’t really feeling this goal last week. Every time I sat down to look over my notes and rewrite them, I got stuck. 236 more words


Thinning Out My Wardrobe

Hello you, and welcome to inside the mind of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer.

If you’ve been keeping up this year, you know that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to purge my wardrobe of items I just don’t wear. 359 more words


This Time Nine Months Ago

I could not:

  • Do a 40 minute spin class
  • Do a 20 minute kettlebell class
  • Do a 30 minute weight class

The main resolution I made at the end of last year was that this year I would put some sort of exercise regime in place. 94 more words

In Which I Talk To Myself

Guys, I really wanted to listen to music all week… And I did for some of it.

Earlier in the week, I was driving around a lot because of Labor Day weekend, so I bent the rules of this goal so that I could have a little fun. 262 more words



Why do I always wait until the year is well into summer before I’m forced to acknowledge the disturbing fact that I am not bikini-ready? 587 more words

Lol. No.

Classes officially started at Grand Valley last week.

And so did my inclination for procrastination.

I purposely chose my goal of not watching tv or movies for the first week of classes so that I would get ahead of things and feel great about the semester. 355 more words


The 2017 Project

So I am still writing 3 positive things I like about my day each day. The last month at least I have had a few days where the list is longer, the longest being seven highlights of my day which is great! 618 more words