Your New Year's Resolution Is Not A Nose! Pick It Carefully and Don't Blow It

(Also, Don’t Worry About It, There’s Always Tomorrow)

My son Deej is pretty good at resolutions and has been since he was about 12 years old and decided he didn’t want to be dead last on every heat of the training exercises in basketball practice. 508 more words

Resolution 30 Complete

After class I sent out enough stories to complete Resolution 30 (14 more). I’m inspired tp the point of doubling down–Resolution 32 is to send out 14 more. 20 more words

New Year's Resolutions

Back To The Word

So, I am finding out more and more as I go along that most people really want to have time for God.  We want to have time to pray, really pray.  341 more words


My Guide to Body Pump - Re-Blog!

I wrote this back in April but it’s all still relevant so if you are looking to start Body Pump have a read!

If you have ever looked into taking a class at your local gym chances are you will have seen Les Mills Body Pump on the timetable. 905 more words


December - So, you need a resolution? - 8/12

8th December 2018

Resolution Option No. 8 – Don’t tell my friends the same story every time we get together.

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301st Post

It finally dawned on me that Resolution 10 was to write 301 blog posts so the last one was just nonsense.

I’m going to make it hard on myself for being such a sap. 38 more words

New Year's Resolutions

300th Post of 2018

I’ll take a break from the list of top 100 movies, 65 of which I haven’t seen and many I’ve never heard of, for the 300th post of the year. 35 more words

New Year's Resolutions