Ponder; let it change you

This is my favorite line from a hymn, “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.”  The words were penned by Joachim Neander way back in 1680.  He was writing words to a German Folk tune, no doubt so that it could be sung in church!  1,355 more words

Food Addiction

NYR: Bombay Potatoes

Feb 26-March 4th: 16.5

March 5th-11th: 8.7

Total so far: 123.7 which is almost a quarter of my target for the year 😄

I made a veggie curry and some Bombay Potatoes, which took care of two different recipes (cheating a bit I know but with the arrival of our visitors I didn’t do much cooking in the second week!). 193 more words

New Years Resolutions

5. Spend Time Wisely (2018 Resolutions)

I always thought about how I needed to be spending my time wisely and how it always meant…


But, there’s always time for work. 227 more words


Resolution Update 10

Coming up on surgery. Resolutions should take a big hit.

1.   Run 730 miles: no change, still 11.3 miles since January 8.

2.  5,000 push ups and 8,000 leg lifts: 397 push ups and 325 leg lifts. 136 more words

New Year's Resolutions

Alexandria Library

A few years ago, I could say that I had visited every branch of the Campbell County Library system, but then they built a new library.   205 more words

New Year's Resolutions

Health + Fitness: Attempting the Whole30

So some of my goals for the year include being more healthy. I want to be more active, exercise more regularly, eat healthily, lose weight, and ultimately just feel better. 1,159 more words