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Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina), the smaller of two seen in the water of the native garden at NYBG this weekend.

Note the spotless shell. 97 more words


Traces of the Ice Age

Don’t you just love these? These grooves are found along the path in the forest of the NYBG, and time and generations of feet have worn them down slightly. 55 more words


Mammal Eyes

A young Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) in Green-Wood. You have to watch out for these: once, one started climbing up my leg, looking for a parent. 25 more words


The Corpse Flower Blooms & Collapses

The Corpse Flower at the New York Botanical Garden is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The last time NYBG saw the flower bloom was 1939. 33 more words


Tyrannus tyrannus

The Eastern Kingbird. What a binomial, eh?This one took a large bumblebee to a branch and battered it for a bit before gobbling it down.


The Big Stink: A Corpse Flower Grows in the Bronx

The ultimate pop-up happened last week in The Bronx: A giant misshapen phallus bloomed. The spectacle lasted Thursday afternoon to Saturday, and attracted thousands of visitors to the New York Botanical Garden, some seduced by the rarity: The NYBG hasn’t had an erection like this one, growing from 22 inches to more than six feet in 10 days, since 1939. 673 more words

New York Botanical Garden

Corpse Flower Diaries

I first became aware of the amazing Amorphophallus titanum 4 years ago during a “bloom watch” of a Kenneth Post Lab Greenhouses specimen at Cornell University.   489 more words