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i am here to share my anxiety

I thought the lecture by Martha Schwartz on Monday night would save me from my own anxiety…watching the Presidential Debate. The lecture started at 6:30 pm and I was home in plenty of time to watch the debate. 461 more words


Cocktail Hour

Is this too much John Cheever-John Updike, drunken wasps getting it on? Above are Thread-waisted Wasps (Eremnophila aureonotata) mating on that pollinator-magnet mountain mint ( 87 more words


The Until We Meet Again Tour - 27 August 2016

The Until We Meet Again Tour made its first trip to the New York Botanical Garden. On a side note, waiting until this time to visit proved a mistake. 45 more words



Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina), the smaller of two seen in the water of the native garden at NYBG this weekend.

Note the spotless shell. 97 more words


Traces of the Ice Age

Don’t you just love these? These grooves are found along the path in the forest of the NYBG, and time and generations of feet have worn them down slightly. 55 more words


Mammal Eyes

A young Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) in Green-Wood. You have to watch out for these: once, one started climbing up my leg, looking for a parent. 25 more words