The NYBG Orchid Show, 2018

Orchid petal in you I see, a
life worth living and with
you I’ll be. Love don’t come
In pearly light but you smell
and look deeper than my… 1,227 more words

Things To See

Best Things To Do This Weekend In NY: April 21 And 22

Among the fun to be had around town this weekend are a huge dance party, a chance to stop and smell the orchids, and a sneak peek at what’s hot in the art world. 534 more words


Home-grown exotics

A few days before leaving for rural Uganda, I had an exotic adventure right in my own backyard. I trekked out to the Bronx to visit the… 253 more words

Medical School: Year 3

'Daniël Ost's Triumph at The NYBG Orchid Show'

Dutch floral artist  Daniël Ost is world renowned. No stranger to Europe or Japan, Ost’s large-scale sculptures have been likened to Anish Kapoor, Claes Oldenburg and Andy Goldsworhy. 1,503 more words


The Best Outdoor and Spring-Inspired Art Exhibitions in and Around NYC

After what was a long and grueling winter filled with New Year bomb cyclones and massive March snow falls, it looks like New York may finally be sensing some warmer weather. 932 more words

Metropolitan Museum Of Art