The 27th New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show Splendors

Once a year The New York Botanical Garden gets dressed up in the reds, greens, whites, sparkles, golds and silvers that echo all that is bright for the wintry weather and coming cold and snow. 1,075 more words


2018 NYBG Holiday Train Show!

The tradition continues! Every year for the last decade I’ve kicked off the holiday season by visiting the New York Botanical Garden’s amazing Holiday Train Show… 644 more words

shock and awe thomas woltz style

Thomas Woltz stunned the audience Monday night at the 20th Annual Landscape Design Portfolio Lecture Series.  He said we weren’t going to like what he was about to say.  676 more words

Landscape Design

Visiting Hawaii in the Bronx

This past weekend was our 39th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it myself! We usually have a pretty low key celebration, but this year my husband surprised me when he said, “Why don’t we go to that Georgia O’Keefe in Hawaii exhibit you’ve had posted on the fridge all summer , and follow that up with a nice dinner at the Hudson Grill?” Both the exhibit and the restaurant are on the grounds of the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. 714 more words

Where the Herbaria Are: Botanical Gardens

All herbaria are basically the same.  They all have cabinets filled with folders, each with specimens attached to thick sheets of white paper that are almost the same size.  912 more words


expulsion from the garden of eden

Mexican tiger flowers, wild tobacco, Parrot Pitcher Plant, American Black Elderberry, Inkberry,  Rattlesnackmaster, Breadfruit, Tarragon, Marsh Foxtail, and Green Arrow Arum were some of 3,000 plants grown by… 586 more words

Landscape Design