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New York cheesecake

I’ve been using a Mary Berry recipe for baked vanilla cheesecake for years and I’ve always been perfectly happy with it. Last week though I decided on a whim to try Nigella’s New York version instead and my goodness it was so much better. 395 more words

Thrifty Baxter's Bargain Ramekins

So trying to retain optimistic about my disastrous consumption of all things unhealthy recently. One positive thing to come out of my love for cheesecake is that GU had an offer of 2 for £4 on their 2 pack of cheesecakes so not only did I benefit from 4 lovely NY cheesecakes which were super tasty by the way, I got 4 X little funky clear ramekin dishes for use in future baking absolute win win situation despite the fat that is now lining my stomach! 😂


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Dublin Cheesecake

I have failed myself. I had tried very hard to not post about things I was making for other people. Today, however, I have failed. We had my lovely brother-in-law and sister-in-law-in-law over for dinner and for some reason my brain had melted and I couldn’t come up with anything to make them. 707 more words


Start spreading the news... I'm leaving today - NYC

“I wanna be a part of it… Neeeeewww Yooork, Neeeeeewww Yooooork”

This is a long over-due post, but here we are. Finally I’ve taken the time to sit down and look through more than 600 photos. 1,659 more words


Blueberry Cheesecake

Cheesecakes were meant for weeknights. Make a buttery biscuit base, press it into a pan not being bothered with perfect edges, whip the cream cheese filling together, pour, bake, pat self on the back. 574 more words

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Mellow Coffee & Dessert

Hello, hello!

I apologize for my 3 month hiatus from blogging, I was feeling rather uninspired and unmotivated to bring my camera around with me these past few months and with the convenience of Instagram and advanced smartphone cameras, laziness really got the better of me. 478 more words

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紐約芝士蛋糕 New York Cheesecake

這個令人難忘的紐約乳酪蛋糕New York Cheesecake, 充滿香濃的乳酪香,餅面有酸酸的酸奶油作中和,口感清新不膩。做法非常簡單,超美味,比很多餅店做的還好吃喔! 

You just cannot resist this gorgeous New York Cheesecake. Very cheesey yet very light, a little bit sour at the top and make the whole cake very fresh. 261 more words

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