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New York Cheesecake

Since the festive days of Christmas are nearly over and the New Year is around the corner, I thought I would share our family Cheesecake recipe with you. 170 more words


A Rockin' New York Cheesecake

I love cheesecake. Love it. It’s one of my favorite desserts to order when I’m out for dinner. I think my husband loves it more than me, though. 843 more words


Top 5 Malaysian Favourite Cheese Cake

Malaysian love cheese cake, especially durian cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, New York cheesecake and Milo cheesecake. This infographic from https://www.catandthefiddle.com.my why so many people are addicted to these cheese cake flavors.

Baked Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Coulis

I’m a die hard Friends fan. This is not an exaggerated statement. I’ve watched every single episode more times than I can keep count of. If i’m bored, if I’m having a sleepless night, or if I just want a good giggle to lighten up my mood, I put on a random episode and end up with six or seven back-to-back ones till I can feel like I’m ready to face the day again. 1,005 more words


Oilfield Cravings: New York Cheesecake

Maybe I was unable to tell you this, but I have been working offshore for more than two years now. It is quite an adventure to say the least. 307 more words