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How a Controversial Piece of Legislation Aims to Make NYC's Big Buildings Greener

The New York City Council is getting ready to unveil a historic piece of legislation that would force big landlords to dramatically decrease their energy use. 1,712 more words


@GiniaNYT: Uber and the False Hopes of the Sharing Economy

The passage of extensive legislation by New York’s City Council on Wednesday, curtailing the previously unchecked powers of Uber and other ride-hailing services, suggests the extent to which the false promises of the sharing economy are becoming better understood and, how much more aggressively they still could be counteracted.

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New York City Council places cap on ride sharing services

The New York City Council became the first city in the United States to place a cap on the number of ride share drivers allowed to operate within the city.  353 more words


Mayor and City Council Adopt 2019 Budget


The union scored several major victories in this years’ city budget process, including getting $16 million for public library operating expenses and $60 million in capital funding sought by DC 37 leaders and members. 381 more words


Toward a People's City Budget

Budget negotiations continue at City Hall after Albany lawmakers passed a state budget that, perhaps most urgently, protects vital services at New York City Health+Hospitals. 382 more words


Boss Buzzing You After Hours? NYC Might Let You Say Buzz Off

NEW YORK (AP) — Technology that once promised freedom from the confines of an office has, for many workers, become a ball and chain, blurring the lines between work hours and, well, any other hours. 682 more words