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How to live like a local

I love Airbnb, Uber, and Seamless, Postmates.  I love trying new digital services from my phone.  Some of you out there hate them. Here are some ideas for you: 1,200 more words

New York City Living

5 Tips for your Tiny Apartment

You can live in a big condo with a spare bedroom, a home office, and lots of closet space.  Or, you can live in New York City.   816 more words

New York City Living

Ready or Not

Get ready, because it’s coming.

But, before you read further, please donate to one of the charities that are helping Haiti.  Haiti has just been devastated… 1,266 more words

New York City Living

Nature Talk

Despite living in a major urban center (New York), I love nature!  Don’t know much about it, but  I’m eager to learn more, though quite frankly, this should not involve any activities such as sleeping on thin mats on the ground, or being less than 20 meters from full-service indoor plumbing. 919 more words

New York City Living

Harlem's Community Murals

The Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem has a rich history as the birthplace of the Harlem Renaissance, a flourishing of African-American literature, art, and music that began in the late 1910s. 425 more words

New York City

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My favorite art in NYC blog -- take a look.

The Storm That Didn't Happen

Weather prediction has come a long way since the only way to know if rain was coming was when Pappy’s elbow gets a crick, but it’s still not perfect.  1,133 more words

New York City Living

A Sacred Trust

There are few relationships so pure as that between a cabbie and his fare.  You begin the relationship as total strangers, and you leave the same way.  1,469 more words

New York City Living