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You be You.

When I first clapped eyes on New York City, I was a starry-eyed young idiot following my first boyfriend to his native haunts.  Like most Americans back then, I was terrified of the whole idea of New York City, but I was in LUUUUVVVVV.  625 more words

New York City Living

A Modest Proposal. About Cars.

Once upon a time, cars were a solution. You could toodle out to the country estate from town without having to harness up the horses. Of course, cars needed smooth paved roads, 1,060 more words

New York City Living

Is It Friday Yet?

Oh, wait! That doesn’t matter anymore. I actually got called to an audition on Saturday. I was so bitter about this that I went with my hair looking like I rolled out of bed, a gypsy looking shirt instead of the “business attire” they asked for and barely any make-up. 678 more words


Headless Man in Topless Bar!

Last week, I explained why Ted Cruz is a douche, not that it really needs explaining.  In the course of that rant, I realized that you can’t really explain the total douchiness of anyone without help from the New York tabloids.   995 more words

New York City Living

New York Values

What are New York values? Certain presidential candidates are bandying this phrase about like they know what they’re talking about. New York City raises great passion in the nation, and mostly from people who have never set foot in the place. 1,268 more words

New York City Living

What the Hail!

No, I do not have a southern accent! I headed to Central Park first thing this morning to clear my head before I had to come back to the apartment and do a self-tape for a medical voice over. 414 more words

New York City Living

Is Anything Really Broken?

Here is the full meaning/meanings of the word:

  1. violently separated into parts :  shattered

  2. 2:  damaged or altered by breaking: asa :  having undergone or been subjected to fracture…

  3. 558 more words
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