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How Not to Leave New York City

If you’ve never lived in New York City before, and then you move here, you’ll have 2 choices:  you will either love it or hate it.   545 more words

Jane Davenport.

How Can I Tell if my Neighborhood Is Gentrifying?

This week….Guest blogger!   With an introduction and some editing, because, in his own words, “you’re clever but I’m mainly just sarcastic.”

How Can I tell If My Neighborhood Is Gentrifying? 841 more words


You talkin' to me?

Not counting those cheesy “Private Eyes Gentlemen’s Club” ads slapped on top of yellow cabs, most ads your average New Yorker sees are on the bus or in the subway.  981 more words

Jane Davenport.

My Biggest Fear

One of my biggest struggles in life was learning how to overcome my fear of being alone. Solitude used to make me incredibly anxious because I would relive unhappy memories from when I changed schools often growing up. 427 more words

Thoughts And Inspirations

REWIND: Easter in NYC

Over the last few months I have taken several pictures but never got around to to sharing them.  I’m making up for lost time by posting some of them a little later. 93 more words

New York City Living

Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend I decided to stay in the city since I had traveled to D.C. the week prior. Fortunately, this  turned out to be a great decision because the city emptied as many locals traveled  and the weather stayed sunny and warm. 98 more words

New York City Living

WRITER'S BLOCK (But not the kind you think.)

Every December, the block where I live, West 43rd Street in Manhattan, explodes into a holiday wonderland… (Er, maybe “explodes” isn’t the best word to use these days, considering the craziness going on in the world) –TRANSFORMS into a holiday wonderland! 449 more words

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