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Navigating the Arduous NYC School Application Process

For anyone who lives in New York City, they are painfully aware of how stressful the application process for applying to schools is.

I had often heard this when I lived in the suburbs and wondered what the big deal was, since all I had to do was drive over to the admissions office in town and sign my children up. 1,171 more words

A Very New Jersey Story

11.20.15 Quick…when I say “New Jersey”, what’s the first thing you think of?  Is it an ethnically-diverse garden paradise with lovely sand beaches,

fine dining, and hidden Victorian-era gems like… 1,087 more words

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Notes from an "Adult"

Not too long ago my five-year-old cousin asked me, “Cathryn, are you a grown-up?” Instinctively, I responded, “Nope!” He seemed confused, but then continued, “Well when are you going to be a grown up?” This kid must have been sensing my pre-quarter-life crisis coming on. 1,103 more words

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How to Get The Best Boyfriend in New York City

11.13.15 It’s not easy to find a nice boyfriend in New York City (or anywhere else, I’m guessing).  I can’t help you there, since I met mine in a bank line – no longer a possibility and not recommended to the general public even if it was – so I’ll just quote my mother’s most memorable line after I told her the specs on my future husband:  “if you’re lonely in that big dirty city of yours, why not just buy a dog?” 1,340 more words


Why I Hate the New York Times

11.6.15 It’s not because they are snooty and pedantic – in my book, those are the pluses.  And, it’s not because they are the newspaper of record and they know it.  828 more words

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This won't hurt a bit

10.30.15 Last week, I told you my favorite scary story.  Since Halloween approaches, it’s time to pull out all the stops and tell you about the absolutely worst nightmare of all.  1,260 more words

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The scariest story I know (that doesn’t involve Donald Trump)

10.23.15  Since it’s almost Halloween, I think it’s time to tell you the scariest story I know.
This is a true story, too, and it happened to my neighbor whom I’ll call Kim, back when Al and I were living on the Upper West Side. 730 more words

Assorted Ramblings