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A legend, but not for the right reasons

This week, I’m starting a new tradition of the retelling of famous New York legends.  These are true and gruesome tales that you’ll enjoy.

First up is the Collyer Brothers. 883 more words

New York City Living

Be of Good Cheer

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas comes fast upon its heels.  This is a stupid arrangement.  Who thought that was a good idea?  “Let’s see – we have a holiday celebrated by over three-quarters of the population, involving traffic jams, mountains of food, 6 sinks of dirty dishes, and some kind of sporting event.  1,096 more words

New York City Living

Dreaming of a White Christmas

OK, all you white people, come over here.  Let’s talk.  Living as I do in New York City, I’ve noticed that around 50% of you are horrified by our new orange president ( 80% in New York City).  1,192 more words

New York City Living

Two Americas? Try eleven.

We are two nations.  One America is rural, religious, traditional, and wary of education.  That’s the one that has all the land, and benefits from low senator-to-population ratios.  998 more words

New York City Living

Welcome to the Shit Show

When I first arrived in New York, I made friends with an older immigrant who had come to this country as a refugee from WWII Poland. 1,124 more words

New York City Living

Why New Yorkers Hate Duane Reade

Today, guest blogger Joan Warner fires off a rant.  Thank you, Joan!

Permit a New York native a moment of nostalgia.

Once upon a time, when people in this great city needed a bottle of aspirin or a jar of Vaseline (don’t ask why), they ran down to the neighborhood drugstore. 1,021 more words

New York City Living

Books Reccos You Can Thank Me For Later

As a kid I was an adamant reader–in fact, competitive. I took my reading duties very seriously. Each year I “won” amongst my classmates for most AR points and most books read throughout the year.   903 more words

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