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How to Relax in New York City

It’s not too hard to relax in New York when you live and work here.  First, you need to distinguish between good and bad stress.  Good stress is having a coffee date at 5:30, a concert at 8:00, and a deadline tomorrow at noon.    1,082 more words

New York City Living

What I did on New Year's Eve

Normally,  you couldn’t pay me to get within 5 blocks of Times Square on an average day.  On New Year’s Eve, the no-go zone stretches from Union Square to Columbus Circle. 1,075 more words

New York City Living

Where Are You?

It’s a rhetorical question of course. We are all exactly where we need to be at every single moment, but if you must know, I’m at a Starbucks in the West Village overlooking Grove Street. 1,048 more words


Are you ready for 2017? It's ready for you.

Happy new year!  Each year, I like to dust off the crystal ball and make some predictions for the coming year.  I’ve been doing this for a long time, and my rate is close to 100%.  551 more words

New York City Living

All I want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas, you jolly old elf!  Jane here.  As you know,  I’m just a simple Manhattanite with simple tastes.  I don’t ask for multiple-malt scotches:  single malts will do just fine.  723 more words

New York City Living

Basic Vocabulary

There’s a cliché that New Yorkers think they are multi-lingual because they can curse in so many languages.   And what’s wrong with that?   Menus are translated for you.  821 more words

New York City Living

A legend, but not for the right reasons

This week, I’m starting a new tradition of the retelling of famous New York legends.  These are true and gruesome tales that you’ll enjoy.

First up is the Collyer Brothers. 883 more words

New York City Living