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The money, my friend

Once upon a time, long long ago, Al had a job working in a photoshop.  Back in those days, people carried special equipment called “a camera” that was not an app and that was used to capture images on small strips of chemically-treated plastic.  685 more words

New York City Living

Ship of Fools

Last week, using the excuse of slow wifi, I reposted from FindingNYC Why?  Because I am on a cruise.  Yep, I packed up Al (The Hub) 1,400 more words

New York City Living

Dispatch from the Women's March on NYC

Today was a day of marching and protest across the United States – people in other cities around the world marched in solidarity with us. One of the largest marches was here in New York City, and I was privileged to participate in the march. 207 more words

New York City

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Hello everyone. I'm reblogging this post from my other favorite NYC blog: Finding NYC. No, I didn't go to this march. That's because I am on a cruise. Yes, you heard that right. You'll get the highlights next week, but for now, please allow me to take the easy way out and read about what my fellow New Yorkers are up to.

How to Relax in New York City

It’s not too hard to relax in New York when you live and work here.  First, you need to distinguish between good and bad stress.  Good stress is having a coffee date at 5:30, a concert at 8:00, and a deadline tomorrow at noon.    1,082 more words

New York City Living

What I did on New Year's Eve

Normally,  you couldn’t pay me to get within 5 blocks of Times Square on an average day.  On New Year’s Eve, the no-go zone stretches from Union Square to Columbus Circle. 1,075 more words

New York City Living

Where Are You?

It’s a rhetorical question of course. We are all exactly where we need to be at every single moment, but if you must know, I’m at a Starbucks in the West Village overlooking Grove Street. 1,048 more words


Are you ready for 2017? It's ready for you.

Happy new year!  Each year, I like to dust off the crystal ball and make some predictions for the coming year.  I’ve been doing this for a long time, and my rate is close to 100%.  551 more words

New York City Living