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How to Experience Baseball in New York

Last week, we discussed the Importance of Being a Baseball Fan.  Here in New York, the real fans are the ones who listen obsessively to Sports Radio Sixty-Siiiiiix, Double-You Eff Ay Ennnn…the… 1,081 more words

New York City Living

Yer Out.

It’s August, and New York City is hotter and sweatier than Satan’s armpit.  That means it’s time for baseball!

There are all kinds of sports and sport fans in New York  — New Jersey too,  which sometimes names local teams things like “The New York Giants” for the  775 more words

New York City Living

Your next career

In New York, you’ve got to be flexible.  Have a plan A, and a plan B.  Being able to work at more than one job is a plus too.  1,494 more words

New York City Living

Celebrating World Car Free Day

Stop blaming soda for America’s bad health.  Cars are the real problem.  Take me, for example.  I’m lazy. I eat as much yummy food as I want until I’m full.  1,027 more words

New York City Living

So You Want to be an Actor...

I often get asked by people how to get started in acting, so I thought I would write a post about it. I have never been one to hoard information or not help anyone when asked, so I am always keen on giving this information to people, which no one wanted to share with me. 851 more words


The Horror. The Horrible, Horrible Horror.

It is horrible to own a house. Oh, right, that’s the American Dream….but I disagree. The American Dream is to be master of your fate, so you can pursue happiness. 1,046 more words

New York City Living

Ask Me. Go ahead, ask me.

“Ask Amy”, “Ask Polly”, and other agony aunts are hanging on in the American landscape, despite the demise of the printed word.  In case you aren’t familiar with these two, they are the heirs to twin “agony aunts”— Dear Abby and Ann Landers — who helped America through rough waters during the 1960s.   966 more words

New York City Living