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The Horror. The Horrible, Horrible Horror.

It is horrible to own a house. Oh, right, that’s the American Dream….but I disagree. The American Dream is to be master of your fate, so you can pursue happiness. 1,046 more words

New York City Living

Ask Me. Go ahead, ask me.

“Ask Amy”, “Ask Polly”, and other agony aunts are hanging on in the American landscape, despite the demise of the printed word.  In case you aren’t familiar with these two, they are the heirs to twin “agony aunts”— Dear Abby and Ann Landers — who helped America through rough waters during the 1960s.   966 more words

New York City Living

A Whole Different Pace

This week finds me vacationing in my homeland, lovely San Diego, California.  Since I’m on vacation and drinking some very nice California Merlot right now, I’m hardly in the mood for serious topics.  1,333 more words

New York City Living

Dreaming of Summer in New York City

“I believe in New Yorkers. Whether they’ve ever questioned the dream in which they live, I wouldn’t know, because I won’t ever dare ask that question.” –  485 more words

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Why Wait Till You're 64?

There are a thousand songs or more having to do with love. When I saw this couple, for some reason I thought of the Beatles and… 354 more words


Guns 'n' Zabar's

Is nothing sacred?  That’s exactly what a Zabar’s regular said to the NY Times yesterday, when a regular customer getting his bagel accidentally shot himself in the leg… 886 more words

New York City Living

My New Mantra

So yesterday I was on John Street for an audition and I ran into Rose, a fellow actress. I see her on occasion at auditions and while you would think I might see her and say, “Damn! 575 more words