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A New York Minute

What’s a New York Minute?  Everyone talks about it.  It’s a major cliché.  People who have never even been to NYC will say things like “You better get your butt over here in a New York minute!” There was even an unwatchable teen movie with the same name, which you can probably find on YouTube if you have 90 minutes of your life you’d like to burn up. 1,159 more words

New York City Living

I Want to Be Alone!...

I spent the last two days working on my book, which made me rather melancholy. Okay, sad! And then I got news about a job I worked and how a person I worked it with made sooo much money on it and I made diddly and I lost it! 691 more words


Free NYC

Joan Warner, a professional business and finance writer, has lived in New York City since birth. She graciously caved to my insistent pressuring that she be… 836 more words

New York City Living

How to Retire in Manhattan on Pennies a Day

Step One:  get a large cardboard box, like what a refrigerator comes in hot off the container ship.  Oh, wait, you mean live in an APARTMENT on pennies a day? 880 more words

New York City Living

It's A Jungle Out There!

My youngest son has been asking us when he can walk to school on his own. He’s 10, going on 11 and our apartment is 2 Avenues over from his school in New York City (the concrete jungle). 1,049 more words


Birds of a Feather

There are many worlds in New York, and one of them has birdwatchers in it. This is not a pastime for people with pattern recognition issues… 1,158 more words

New York City Living

You be You.

When I first clapped eyes on New York City, I was a starry-eyed young idiot following my first boyfriend to his native haunts.  Like most Americans back then, I was terrified of the whole idea of New York City, but I was in LUUUUVVVVV.  625 more words

New York City Living