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Other gods and goddesses

2/5/2016  Ready to grab the third rail? Religion. Yep, I said it. Having been raised culturally as a WASP (closer to poor-white-trash than Rockefeller on the Mater’s side of the family), I found during my youth that I was somewhat removed from my fellow WASPs by my lack of any basic understanding of religion. 1,232 more words

Jane Davenport

Easy Come, Easy Go Go Go

It’s been awhile since my last posting. A lot has happened and not. I’ve had roughly 38,000 dollars set in front of me and watched it slip away as easily as it came. 325 more words


Perspective (and how to get it)

The older I get, the more anyone younger than me begins to look wholly unsuited to deal with life’s big issues. It’s all a matter of perspective, I know, but whose idea was it to grant teenagers the ability to reproduce? 1,170 more words

Jane Davenport

How to Survive Your Move to New York

On this day last year I packed my bags, jumped on a one-way flight to New York and immediately began living a high-fashion super glamorous life. 932 more words

Thoughts And Inspirations

To Cook, or Not to Cook, that is the Question

1/22/2016  To Cook, or Not to Cook, that is the question.  And the answer is “No.”

Dinner at our house is a somewhat individualistic affair.  The children complain that we’re “weird” because a) we’re possessive about individual foodstuffs (that’s MY bagel) and b) no one really cooks.  1,168 more words

Jane Davenport

Location, location, yadda yadda


Last week, I gave you my secrets to making the big bucks in New York real estate.  For those who missed it, here’s the refresher course:  buy low, sell high. 1,242 more words

Jane Davenport

How to make a million bucks in New York City real estate!

1/8/16  That’s right – a million bucks!  It’s easy!  Just send me three easy payments of 29.99 and I’ll tell YOU how to make a million bucks!  846 more words

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