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Afternoon Bulletin: Kanye Causes East Village Chaos, Human-Pig Hybrids and More

Kanye West tried to keep his New York fans from being disappointed last night. Instead, he disappointed them twice—and plunged the East Village into chaos. Thanks to inclement weather, the final day of the weekend’s Governor’s Ball music festival was canceled on Sunday, along with West’s scheduled performance. 383 more words

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State Senate Leader Says He Won't Sign Off on Mayoral Control of Schools (Yet)

Mayor Bill de Blasio went up to Albany to plead his case for continued control of the city’s school system yesterday—but his performance apparently didn’t resonate with Republican Senate Leader John Flanagan. 571 more words

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De Blasio Asks for at Least 7 Years of Mayoral Control of City Schools

ALBANY—As he testified on the state budget today, Mayor Bill de Blasio revisited one of last year’s biggest defeats: asking the State Legislature once again to grant him control of the city’s school system for at least seven years, if not permanently. 448 more words

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The Boys of Uptown Schools

The boys of uptown schools slip out of shoes that make those administrators comfortable and into shoes that grant entry onto their blocks
The conversations and code switch… 33 more words


Has America Decided to Educate Promising Children and Leave the Rest Behind?

In what seems to me the most chilling moment in The Prize, Dale Russakoff’s new book (discussed in yesterday’s post here) about the catastrophic five-year school reform experiment imposed by Mayor Cory Booker, Governor Chris Christie, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on Newark, New Jersey’s schools—the moment when teachers at a charter school co-located in the same building as a traditional public school ask Mayor Cory Booker how he plans to help and support the neighborhood school also operating in their building—Booker replies, “I’ll be very frank…. 1,285 more words

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Schools Are Obsolete: IT and the UFT Have Convinced Me

There is, or at least was until recently, an idea out there in America that every child deserves a great teacher. But that isn’t possible, because not every worker is great. 5,267 more words

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The sad facts of education

The only reason I know about this paper at all is that my good friend Jeff, a wise and often hilarious fellow who likes Wilco a wee bit too much (Yes, that’s possible), pointed it out on social media. 154 more words

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