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The other day I was flying back from New York City. I love New York City.

It’s so beautiful in its grungy and grumpy way. I, in a largely unpopular opinion, think Times Square is the bomb.com. 255 more words

Traffic management

The delays occasioned by traffic jams, red lights and other things that slow our automotive travel are a major source of frustration to most of us.   448 more words

Republic of Greenwich Village

 The 24th of this month will mark the 100th anniversary of the declaration of “The Independent Republic of Greenwich Village”. On the evening of January 24th 1917 a group of Greenwich Villagers and the artist Marcel Duchamp ascended the stairs in the Washington arch to a room at the top where they partied before going to the roof. 26 more words

Little Italy Pizza

I live in a pizza dead zone. There are a few places in my neighborhood, but they’re all pretty terrible, so for the most part, I abstain. 686 more words

New York City

We Stand United Rally in NYC

First of All – Thank You, NYPD. They have done an incredible job managing the crowds and the protests since Election Day. When the results came in and the people took to the streets protesting, the NYPD did a beautiful job handling the masses. 916 more words


2017 New York Puzzle Party Announcement

Come join us at the 2017 New York Puzzle Party!

Puzzlers of all types are welcome bring puzzles, meet each other, and share a love of puzzling. 117 more words

New York City