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NY Daily News cover spurs controversy following on-air murders

The murder of two journalists during a live broadcast has stunned the nation. Viewers of WDBJ probably knew there was a chance they would hear a report about a murder as part of their morning news update. 165 more words

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NY Daily News slammed for publishing images of journalists’ shooting

News organizations across North America had to consider “how much is too much” Wednesday when deciding how much, if any, of a cell phone video showing the brutal ambush of two journalists to show. 671 more words


NYC Tabloids Face Sharp Criticism Over WDBJ Covers

The New York Post and New York Daily News are both in hot water for putting photos of Roanoke, VA television reporter Allison Parker’s murder on their front pages today. 539 more words

The WDBJ video: To air or not to air?

On Wednesday, a disgruntled former employee of Roanoke, Virginia-based WDBJ-TV fatally shot two of the station’s journalists as they were conducting a live interview. The cameraman captured part of the scene before dying. 163 more words


New York Daily News cover is frame-by-frame shooting of WDBJ reporter from killer's point of view

People are already registering their disgust with the New York Daily News, whose Thursday cover comes as close to showing the real-time killing of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker as a newspaper can. 501 more words


President Obama says he got hustled on the golf course by a newly retired Derek Jeter last year

President Obama went to play golf with Derek Jeter, and Derek told the president that he had only started playing golf two weeks prior. Derek then went on to beat President Obama in the round, and he took some of his money. 55 more words