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ALBUM REVIEW- Action Bronson 'Mr. Wonderful'

A progressing rapper with a formidable collection of mixtapes, features and prior experience, it’s kind of weird to sit here and talk about the first Action Bronson studio LP. 1,173 more words


[UHH Premiere] "Old York City" Music Video - BK Hippy

We are so excited to be premiering BK Hippy’s first single from his debut mixtape, which is still untitled. Born and raised in East New York, BK Hippy brings that New York quality of rap in “Old York City.” He brought it back to where it all started, the projects he grew up in, for this video along with different parts of Manhattan. 37 more words

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[[[ TRACK OF TODAY ]]] A Tribe Called Quest - Everything is Fair

A classic ATCQ track; one of my favorite beats of all time, the personal favorite off of Low End Theory. Was listening to this album on my drive from Portland to Eugene last night, and I never really noticed the way this song is seemingly 3 or 4 songs in one. 80 more words


B.I.C. "Tequila"

The B.I.C. squad dropped a freebie today and it’s perfect timing. The Swelly (@JSwelly) produced “Tequila” has the jazzy production and these guys went hard on it… did you hear me? 21 more words


Dedication: Yamborghini - Rest in Peace

As I write these words, a freshly downloaded iTunes .m4a of Ja Rule‘s “Livin’ it Up” plays in my headphones. Right now, as I type these words the room is dark, there’s a TV show on that I’m not really paying attention too.. 233 more words


"Lemme Fly" Is a Game Changer

If you haven’t heard of an artist named Blunder from the suburbs of Upstate New York, well then you’ve probably been asleep, or looking for your music in all the wrong places. 216 more words

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97 Seconds: 50 Cent

50 Cent is one of the illest… Business wise, Musically, and even as a low key comedian (the clowning of Floyd Mayweather… EPIC). In this interview with Hot 97, he discusses the life changing event that occurred in May 2000 where he was shot 9 times. 51 more words