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Derrick Rose shows how out of touch he is by claiming this squad is a "super team"

Former Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose must have received some concussions we don’t know about because he is making some absolutely outrageous claims. The current New York Knicks guard is definitely confusing someone’s quote because he actually believes that someone called this Knicks squad a “super team.” 168 more words


Jeremy Lin Explains Why He Was 'Very, Very Sad' About Leaving The Knicks In 2012

If Jeremy Lin was sick of talking about New York, he probably wouldn’t have moved back there. The new Brooklyn Nets point guard still looks back wistfully on his explosive time with Manhattan’s Knicks, speaking nostalgically of Linsanity in a recent interview. 186 more words


NBA Security Staff Still Don't Recognize Jeremy Lin, Continually Ask for His Credential

Granted, there aren’t many players of Asian descent in the NBA, and it’s not like Jeremy Lin is 6-foot-10, but still: Come on, guys.

In a… 163 more words

New York Knicks

How was your week?

Derrick Rose is a member of the New York Knicks. Now I’m not sure if Knicks fans should take Rose’s last interview as confidence in his new team or if he needs to be drug tested. 1,031 more words


Are The New York Knicks A Super Team?


Derrick Rose thinks the New York Knicks are a “super team.” The Big Lead’s Ryan Phillips and Kyle Koster discuss why he’s hilariously wrong. Plus we breakdown the NBA’s… 31 more words


Porzingis Becoming An Icon - Hype Video

Well the Internet or YouTube might break with this video from @NykInsider (Twitter). Kristaps Porzingis was sensationally boo’ed on draft night but now the Latvian Unicorn might be one of the biggest icons in the Big Apple. 24 more words

New York Knicks

Derrick Rose says the New York Knicks are a "super team" along with the Warriors

Whatever Phil Jackson, President of Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks, is lighting up at Madison Square Garden, is changing how the people think at that organization. 206 more words