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The Would Have Been Software Engineer

“Officer Jackie”(the one on the right)

  • He said he does not have a hobby. (Ok. Although I don’t believe it)
  • He does not want to become a police officer.
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Ninjia Turtle and Sneakers

“Chris Monio” (As Chris insist using Ninjia Turtle as his profile picture. I chose his favorite character here. Plus a quote from Raphael:

Rephael  “We’re not Kung Fu frogs, we’re Ninja Turtles!”) 280 more words


High Five

“John Dow” (This means unidentified people. Universal name for people don’t want to identify themselves. And For female, it will be “Jane Dow”) So, ok, Mr. 477 more words


“James Thunderland”

“James Thunderland”

  • He likes playing video games. Venture, for example.
  • He would work for mental health hospital if he didn’t become a police officer.
  • He joined NYPD because he wants to help people.
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Pack the Court Rooms! Defend RSCC Comrades Against Police Repression!

Three RSCC comrades were specifically targeted and brutally arrested last night, Wednesday, April 29, as they took the streets once again to protest the outright genocide being committed against Black people at the hands of the police all over the country. 223 more words


Officer Gebhart and a story of a burglar

 Officer Gebhart (well, with me in the pic :P) 

  • Officer Gebhart has a lot of hobbies. Water sports, he mentioned specifically. He plays water sports mostly on Long Island.
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Marine Corps Veteran

 Officer Panza

  • Officer Panza ride motorcycle. He also likes fishing and hunting in Upper State New York. The place he recommends is Delaware County.
  • If didn’t become a police officer, he would stay in Marine Corps.
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