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Brilliant Marketing Ideas

It’s not just about the benefits you shell out. Consider and reflect on what is it that customers/clients truly value about your product or service. 64 more words

Public Relations

Social Content Management

Social Content Management . . .it isn’t easy, but it’s positively necessary for most new businesses.

From what we hear around our office workspace, this is what many small and medium size business owners are  currently plotting as they attempt to set sail into the sea of social everything. 131 more words

Social Media Marketing

Newswordy PR

Stumbled upon www.newswordy.com, a website that gives you a clearer understanding about the most popular words used in the news and precisely how they are being used in stories and on social sites like @twitter.

The Market Council

Surefire Marketing Tips for Successful Retail Events

We’re working on a special event that will take place at The Pond next month in NYC.  Here we present notes from a conference call we had with one of the brands hosting the party, which is open to the public. 230 more words


PR & Branding for the Bottom Line

Like many, we’ve been thinking a lot about PR & branding for the bottom line, so that we can truly understand the impact of creating brand awareness for a stronger return on investment for our clients and businesses. 246 more words


The Branding Benefits of Reality TV

It’s been nearly a decade since reality programming came to prime-time network TV in the U.S. and thousands of people have been featured on unscripted series across nearly every channel. 466 more words


Choosing the Right PR Agency

Does the agency team really understand your industry and your business?

Have they created a strategic marketing and PR Plan tailored to your needs?

Do you share the same work ethic and style? 55 more words