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The Chrysler Building, for the Second Time

When I first visited New York City, in 2012, I went by bus, and distinguished myself at the end of the 10-hour journey, as we prepared to plunge into the Lincoln Tunnel, by hyperventilating noisily on my first sight of the Manhattan skyline. 974 more words


Lower East Side Histories

(The Lower East Side, Williamsburg Bridge & East River Park. New York, around 1937)

A stunning image posted from our friends at “The Lower East Side” Facebook page; The East River Park under construction sometime around 1937. 114 more words

Morphing Landscapes

Vroom, Vroom - Getting Around New York City with Your Dog

New York being New York, some pups, like the one above, get their own BMW.

But most NYC dogs aren’t that lucky. It’s not only that they can’t drive – it’s extremely hard to find anyone to drive them. 278 more words

Datz Dough Brings the Donut Ice Cream Cone to Tampa

Datz Dough Brings the Donut Ice Cream Cone to Tampa

Web story 

Tampa-The cronut, the pretzel bun, and the ramen burger are food trends of the past. 213 more words

The PRI Party

Lights, Camera, Woof!

On my morning walk with Bunch, I couldn’t help but notice two large trucks parked down the block. There was also a lot of filming equipment so I ascertained that something was being filmed. 185 more words

Watch Out for Weather Dangers When Walking Your Dog

High winds in effect until 8:00pm. Possible problems may include downed power lines, difficulty driving and falling cranes if you live in New York City. 174 more words