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Taste Test

Still dreaming of those verdant hills and robust cabernets in Napa, and inspired by the story of the Valley’s triumph in the 1976 Judgement of Paris, I’ve decided to conduct my own taste test. 2,461 more words

New York Stories

Old Hands

Old Hands, by Erin Mitchell

Dark City Lights: New York Stories

Published: 2015

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Nice day for a protest

One bitterly cold afternoon this week I received a visit from K, a Lithuanian woman in her early sixties who’s lived in New York for some twenty years. 2,985 more words

New York Stories

To be resolved

Ahhh, Christmas. I know it stirs up mixed feelings in some –  all that festive fun, yes, but also, all the fuss, all the expense, and the weight of all those unrealistic expectations. 2,124 more words

New York Stories

Cremisan Wine Estate: A Week Night Taste of the Middle East

I’m in training. Every day I test my limits, pushing myself to go a little further than the day before; increasing my stamina to stay the course to the end. 1,557 more words

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On perspective

They came. They saw. They went.

Daughter K (all housewarming-party-sins forgiven) and her boyfriend M departed on Sunday, leaving our spare room looking extremely forlorn, ivory petals falling like tears from the weary looking roses on the window sill. 2,368 more words

New York Stories

Top Tips

Everyone knows that the US is the tipping capital of the world. Right? And that New York is the capital of the tipping capital. You probably know this even if you’ve never been to New York. 2,073 more words

New York Stories