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There's Always A Movie Showing In My Head

I’ve come to this conclusion recently… like, last night recently. There is always a movie showing in my head!

While I work on pieces, I am sometimes concentrating on painting decisions and skill execution, but a lot of the time my curiosity is running things! 226 more words

Sketches & Mini's

Henrik Visnapuu

It was his name, Henrik Visnapuu that came up in those first Google searches at the late-night, kitchen table, linking Silvia to a larger world unknown to me; a world of Estonian poetry and literature to which Silvia gave her considerable life energy for many years. 959 more words

Estonian Stories

Episode 12 - Micah Barnes

Our special guest today is Micah Barnes. Micah is a former member of A Cappella group The Nylons, best known for their covers of pop songs such as The Turtles’ “Happy Together”, Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”, and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. 115 more words

Will the real New York please stand up?

I’ve spent the week lying around, doing my best to recover from the debilitating lurgy that prevented me from making the planned trip back to London to surprise our youngest on his nineteenth birthday. 2,286 more words

New York Stories

Ever Since I Remember, Part I

On a stone bench, set back slightly from the bustle of the street, rests an old woman reading a three-cent newspaper. Unaccustomed to the liquid warmth of spring light, the inky print begins to blur before her eyes in drowsy waves. 2,569 more words

Estonian Stories

Randy Nephew: Two Years After (5)

CHAPTER TWO (continued)

image: Carey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling in a scene from the film Drive


“You’re some kind of detective?” was how the girl with the tattoo on her shoulder had had greeted him earlier, up on the third floor of a run down brownstone. 791 more words


Taste Test

Still dreaming of those verdant hills and robust cabernets in Napa, and inspired by the story of the Valley’s triumph in the 1976 Judgement of Paris, I’ve decided to conduct my own taste test. 2,461 more words

New York Stories