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New York Artist George Ferrandi rests her head on strangers' shoulders

New York Artist George Ferrandi shares her experiences falling asleep on strangers’ shoulders on the subway. She explores the similarities between intimacy and strangeness in… 15 more words

Matt Bubala

A Surprise Every Day: Shaking Up June With Hipstamatic (week 3)

Hello everyone!  I’m back from a whirlwind week of end of the school year activities, annual appointments, a work trip to New York City and preparations for Father’s Day so the dads in my life can take some time off to relax and be reminded of how special they are to me. 355 more words


A Persistent Reminder Of A Hardened Heart

A few weeks ago, as I approached the entrance to the subway station I use on my way back home after a trip to the gym, I noticed a familiar figure standing by its stairs: a man of indeterminate age who stands at the top step, next to the door for a deli, asking for change from subway passengers and deli customers (his location is strategic and well thought out.) His normal tone of request is never aggressive; just a little plaintive with just the trace of a wheedle. 419 more words


Open-Palmed Living: A New York Lesson

I have a friend that lives an open-palmed lifestyle. He strives to give and receive freely with this mantra and enjoys reminding me of its power by placing both of his arms out, chest level, and extending his hands, palms facing up, all the while giving me a zen-like smile with his pondering heavy-eyed, kind gaze. 386 more words

In The Beginning

I was sexually assaulted in the subway, a comedy of errors ensued

This morning, Thursday, May 7, 2015 between 9:30 and 9:40AM (yes, I was running late to work) I was the victim of sexual assault at the Fulton Street stop, the exit near Fulton and William.  2,248 more words

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Sexual assault, street harassment, and lack of appropriate action/response from authorities are just totally unacceptable. This has to end, and the world should not take this issue that women face everyday lightly! Creepers are disgustingly prevalent, and there is ZERO justification as to why women should be treated this way. Help catch this asshole!

Transportation headlines, Tuesday, April 28

Have a transportation-related article you think should be included in headlines? Drop me an email! And don’t forget, Metro is on TwitterFacebook… 864 more words

Transportation Headlines

Economist 4/24/15

  1. Busking has not been a crime on New York city’s streets since 1970. In 1985 a New York court ruled that banning subway music was unconstitutional, too.
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