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Lexapro Day 3

Ever since I started the Lexapro, my head feels cloudy from time to time, which makes me anxious, because obviously it means I have a brain aneurysm and I’m about to die and shit my pants in front of everyone on the train. 292 more words

New York

Is It Wrong

I haven’t quite made up my mind about these new takes on the New York City subway map from the Brooklyn-based Triboro Design team. The duo explain their design choices by saying, “we chose the most inappropriate colors that we could think of. 31 more words


Hare Krishna, y'all

An outline of the above:
1. Standing Hare Krishna dude spends the whole ride turnt the fuck up around that pole.
2. Older white tourist has **found**his**people** after having three Bud Lights at the Times Square Olive Garden. 37 more words

New York

Tuesdays of Texture - Week 40, 2016

Here are my entries for Tuesdays of Texture for week 40.

A selection of metal texture shots from New York City:

You’ll find lots of other interesting texture posts over at   28 more words



New Year’s weekend 2014 I drove up to New York to visit a friend.My dog, Brave, a fine travel companion and, usually, a good guest accompanied me. 47 more words


Haiku, Fire! Run!

“Escapades out on – the ‘J’ train; conductor gets – assaulted by cop”

Becoming a water rat

Swimming….I love it. Pools are OK.

I’m home when I’m swimming in natural water.

A toddler in the early 1960’s….the ocean….splashing in the waves at  141 more words