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Panama Papers Out Owners of Alleged Nazi-Looted $25M Modigliani

The Panama Papers continue to offer clarity on a number of secret art holdings, including the case of a disputed Amadeo Modigliani painting that was reportedly stolen by Nazis during World War II. 302 more words


To the Dishonorable Judge Shirley Kornreich:

2/19/2016 – Noelle Boostani

*Please share this, particularly my NYC friends. This is wrong. 

Dishonorable Judge Shirley Kornreich:

Check your Vagina at the ladies’ table… 221 more words


How to Get Your Firearms Back If They Have Been Confiscated by the Police

In New York, if there is a police report of domestic violence in a certain household, the police have the right to take away any firearms within the house. 379 more words

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