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Panama Papers Out Owners of Alleged Nazi-Looted $25M Modigliani

The Panama Papers continue to offer clarity on a number of secret art holdings, including the case of a disputed Amadeo Modigliani painting that was reportedly stolen by Nazis during World War II. 302 more words


To the Dishonorable Judge Shirley Kornreich:

2/19/2016 – Noelle Boostani

*Please share this, particularly my NYC friends. This is wrong. 

Dishonorable Judge Shirley Kornreich:

Check your Vagina at the ladies’ table… 221 more words


How to Get Your Firearms Back If They Have Been Confiscated by the Police

In New York, if there is a police report of domestic violence in a certain household, the police have the right to take away any firearms within the house. 379 more words

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Drug Overdose: Is the Injector Responsible for Murder?

In New York State, the answer is “No.”

According to People v. Reeder, decided May 11, 2015 in Seneca County, “injection of heroin into another who subsequently dies is, without proof of additional aggravating factors, legally insufficient to establish a ‘substantial … risk that such result will occur.’” 326 more words

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