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Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Monday. Gun Ownership, Human Capital and Democracy 

The  NRA is finally considering a minor control to prevent mass murder.   They will allow debate on the sale and use of the bump stock, a  $200 item that turns an assault weapon into an automatic killing machine.  767 more words

The Voice of Joyce: Vote Self Preservation 

The Congress didn’t hate Obama because he is Black. Though,  he is African American . They hated him because he was decent and represented change. That made him a threat to be eliminated. 241 more words

The voice of Joyce: Fix the Electoral College. Contact Your State Representatives and ask them to cast a "faithless" vote to insure "one man one vote" counts!

Dear followers, I received this Update from Public Citizen and pass it on ! 
Our system for electing the president is broken.
Your vote should matter — even if you’re a Republican in a Democratic state or a Democrat in a Republican state. 230 more words

DEUTSCHE BANK: Is Donald its trump card, & will Rupert Murdoch be the winner yet again?

 The trail of influence that went Clintons > Department of Justice > Donald Trump > Deutsche Bank now stretches to include US Middle East policy > Saudi Arabia > Qatar > Rupert Murdoch. 1,074 more words