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The voice of Joyce: Fix the Electoral College. Contact Your State Representatives and ask them to cast a "faithless" vote to insure "one man one vote" counts!

Dear followers, I received this Update from Public Citizen and pass it on ! 
Our system for electing the president is broken.
Your vote should matter — even if you’re a Republican in a Democratic state or a Democrat in a Republican state. 230 more words

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DEUTSCHE BANK: Is Donald its trump card, & will Rupert Murdoch be the winner yet again?

 The trail of influence that went Clintons > Department of Justice > Donald Trump > Deutsche Bank now stretches to include US Middle East policy > Saudi Arabia > Qatar > Rupert Murdoch. 1,074 more words

The Voice of Joyce: a New New Deal!!!

  • Bombast won’t fix this Country
  • Monetary policy alone won’t fix this country
  • Incremental change with no vision won’t fix this country

Only a “New New Deal “endorsed by the Country’s citizens, all of them, the wealthy and the poor, Republicans and Democrats , sharing a common vision of greatness can fix this country! 43 more words

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the Voice of Joyce: Event @SWFS tomorrow

Dear followers:

Anyone in the neighborhood ,  who wishes to attend The Annual Schwartz Glodstein Lecture on Rabbi Stephan Wise and the history of spirituality from his time till now,  is welcome  to attend  services  and lunch at my temple, tomorrow?  217 more words

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