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Wonderland Reassessed

In Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the ape known as Moon-Watcher discovers various uses for a large piece of bone, presumably that of a dead tapir. 1,695 more words



April 30th in history:

The treaty authorizing the Louisiana Purchase was approved on April 30th, 1803. Exactly nine years later, on this date in 1812, Louisiana became the 18th state in the union. 92 more words

Today In History

"If you want a good cup of coffee, stay home."

Returning home from a restaurant where my wife, as expected, had consumed a disappointing cup of coffee to end our dinner, I uttered those words to her for the first time, about eight years ago. 569 more words

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18 Visions Of The City Of The Future, From The Past

From fanciful flying cars to garden-covered rooftops, here’s a look at what designers have imagined for our cities—and how they’ve shaped our urban future.

In 1939, visitors stood in line for hours to see the Futurama exhibit at the New York World’s Fair, an incredibly detailed model imagining 1960s America. 544 more words