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This Weekend's Lesson in Facing Failure: Drilling A-Rod Isn't the Answer

The act of a pitcher hitting a batter on purpose is inherently divisive. Some (mostly outside the game) see it as an outdated form of brutality that lost all reasonable claims to relevance the day that Don Drysdale … or Bob Gibson … or Nolan Ryan retired. 940 more words


What do you do when you catch Arod's 3,000th hit?

So unless you haven’t turned a tv on in the past week, Arod got his 3,000th hit with a homer to the right field bleachers. The real storyline here is the fan catching the ball. 668 more words


Mt. Rushmore of New York Sports

The Mt. Rushmore of New York sports is a topic that can be highly debated. There have been many good, great, and superstar athletes to trot through this city but not all of them are worthy. 589 more words


Armando Benitez Drilled Tino Martinez 17 Years Ago Today. No, He Was Not Playing by the Unwritten Rules

Seventeen years ago today, Armando Benitez intentionally drilled Tino Martinez after the preceding batter, Bernie Williams, hit a dramatic three-run homer. The event was more noteworthy for the ensuing mayhem—the fight ended up spilling into a dugout and resulted in… 426 more words


Biggest Yankee Surprise, Biggest Yankee Disappointment


The obvious answer here is A-rod, but to be honest this whole team has been surprising thus far. After winning back to back series against the Tigers and Mets the Yankees are starting to look like real contenders. 276 more words


What's New in New York City This Spring

Move over, Paris. New York City is magical in spring. Hearts skip a beat and the sun finally warms the city sidewalks. It is a time of new beginnings. 40 more words

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