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Friday List #29

  • The fucking symbol on Lyle’s Golden Syrup is a dead lion surrounded by bees. What the fuck. 
  • I went to a German spa last weekend and got naked because that’s what you do.
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Friday List

Weinstein abused the press, too.

The only reason one will respect you as a journalist is because of your integrity. Your integrity is based on your credibility. Your credibility comes from your truthfulness. 615 more words

New Yorker Cover Revisits Sexual Harassment At Thanksgiving Day Parade

After publishing several of Ronan Farrow’s investigative features on sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood this fall, the New Yorker is returning to the topic this week with a provocative cover image. 242 more words

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Whats on my phone?

Normally I don’t much care for pieces that attack phones. For they rarely have any nuance. I don’t think this has much nuance, but it at least has good humor. 9 more words


If you came here looking for inspiration, look no further. I'm just kidding.


Today, I came to my writing session with nary a clue. Not having an idea is not an ideal situation when you have 30 minutes to complete a post. 373 more words


“The simple understanding that one thing can be another is at the root of all things of our doing”

Cormac McCarthy Explains the Unconscious