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누군가 정리해둔 외신 추천글에 필받아서

누군가 정리해둔 외신 추천글에 필받아서… (링크 글은 정리가 잘 되있다. 내 글은 그냥 수다.)

내가 주로 보는 조합은 주간지(Economist 또는 New Yorker) + 일간지(NYT 또는 USA Today)이다.  29 more words

1. 미국생활

Weather in Fiction, and Sometimes as Fiction

From an article in The New Yorker about weather in human culture going from symbolic to scientific to almost non-existent to, finally, a combination (or collision) of symbolic and scientific: 416 more words

One Magazine.

At the start of every holiday I make a “to-do” list. Don’t get the wrong idea – thinking that I am a habitually organized person who makes to-do lists for everything. 952 more words


Gifts for Readers

Readers seem to have a special understanding and appreciation of each other. If a hundred people were walking through an airport and I had to choose five to speak to, I would unabashedly pick those who were carrying a book. 633 more words


The Circle (Eggers)

Though I was no fan of his first effort – which I affectionately call a Backbreaking Work of Staggering Self-Indulgence – I’ve grown increasingly impressed with Eggers’ work.  532 more words


Straight Outta Money

I’ve decided to check my bank account in oh, maybe six months, and found out that I’ve been charged $200 for a study account that I didn’t even remember I joined. 351 more words