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Gee, who's missing? Greta Van Susteren sees lib agenda behind New Yorker's GOP cover

The cover of the New Yorker shows Hillary Clinton doing an impression of the media trying to get into one of her events while looking at a GOP field consisting of all men, some of which haven’t even announced they’re running yet: 287 more words


Old Car, New Tricks

All my life, well legal driving life, I’ve had hand-me-down beaters or inexpensive, dependable, boring ol’ cars. While all my life, actual life, I’ve dreamed of owning something fun, something classic, something “me”. 298 more words


Privacy and Equality in the Constitution

To get the word male . . . out of the Constitution cost the women of the country fifty-two years of pauseless campaign.–Carrie Chapman Catt… 265 more words



As previously mentioned, my read limit for both New York Times and the New Yorker has run out.

I thought I might catalogue all of these links here — so that you can have a read and I can read them next month. 177 more words


Central Park needs more restrooms and why I didn't see the penguins.

It was a cold morning (well, cold by my tropical/desert weather adjusted body) in New York when I decided to pay a visit to Central Park.  1,022 more words

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Your Son is Deceased

Your Son is Deceased

by Rachel Aviv, New Yorker, 2015

This article is about the police force in Albuquerque, and it zeroes in on a very questionable killing of a man with mental illness, who was merely in his fenced-in yard, approached by two plain-clothes cops. 80 more words

The Art of the Con: Four Stories About Scams

This morning, as I filed folders at my day job, I turned to the podcast Criminal for comfort. Today’s episode was Gil From London, the story of a strange man posing as a British sixty-something who almost seduced an American widow named Karen.  215 more words