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The Best Arm Workout


My arms might actually fall off.

I know that’s a hyperbole people say when their arms are sore or extra spent, but I’m not kidding, they literally might detach from my body at any given moment. 252 more words

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Saunders on Trump, and writing

This is from George Saunders’ latest New Yorker piece, chronicling his days on the campaign trail talking with Trump supporters and protestors:

The tragedy of the Trump movement is that one set of struggling people has been pitted against other groups of struggling people by someone who has known little struggle, at least in the material sense, and hence seems to have little empathy for anyone struggling, and even to consider struggling a symptom of weakness.

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Mary Karr--"High Maintenance" (New Yorker, May 16, 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: SUZANNE VEGA-Tiny Desk Concert #336 (February 10, 2014).

Suzanne Vega is practically a one hit wonder except that she has released a half-dozen great albums that are full of wonderful songs.  834 more words

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Ted Chiang--"Bad Character" (New Yorker, May 16, 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: SOFIA REI-Tiny Desk Concert#338 (February 22, 2014).

Sofia Rei is an Argentinian singer.  For this Tiny Desk Concert she has two accompanists: drummer Franco Pinna incorporates a drum from the Argentine Pampas into a traditional drum set and guitarist/bassist JC Maillard plays a pretty guitar and a modified saz bass. 690 more words

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Link Buffet: Resurfacing

Long time no link! I’d explain, but evidently my life is written in the Michelin stars: Lucky Peach astrology has already assessed and prescribed my food fortune.  541 more words

Link Buffet

Out Of The Woods?

Hello and welcome to a new post! Last weekend the weather was so fine and hot, and we decided to make a walk in the woods. 251 more words


Just Like Heaven? Four Stories About Nordic Countries

The bookstore where I work has a motto: “Get to know your world.” We’re a small shop, but visitors often marvel at the size of our travel section. 477 more words