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National Grammar Day, March 4

Who knew there was a National Grammar Day? (She asked, rhetorically.)

I’m a nerd. I like reading about grammar. I don’t really like reading about grammar police. 77 more words


It Follows

The opening of It Follows could have come straight out of a John Carpenter flick: suburban Americana; sun-drenched lawn; synthesised, convulsive soundtrack; and, of course, a teenager running in heels (running from someone—some… 1,079 more words


Lost in Translation

Translators have a difficult job. They have to convey the essence of a message using words that may have a similar but different meaning. They have the difficult task of knowing when to use a direct translation, or an expression. 291 more words


The Spiritual Mushroom

How do you take the sting out of death and make a terminal cancer patient feel peaceful about their imminent demise? Scientists at NYU, in New York, have developed a technique which is straight out of the Timothy Leary playbook. 326 more words



Bohemians (george saunders)

The New Yorker, Jan 14, 2004

In a lovely urban coincidence, the last two houses on our block were both occupied by widows who had lost their husbands in Eastern European pogroms. 3,241 more words