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The power of ice cream

A newer declined New Yorker cartoon. The next few you’ll see I am still learning how to use the Monoprice Drawing Tablet–as evidenced by the pixilation. 29 more words


My Yoga Journal: Aerial Yoga 

As part of my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, My class was given a homework assignment to try three different styles of yoga that were new to us and that we had never done before. 393 more words

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Another one

This is the final New Yorker return-to-sender from the group I submitted in February. They seemed to have quickened the pace of evaluations some, as I’ve received a few more emails telling me that my cartoons are not needed. 20 more words


August Break 21 - Today Is...

Today was a day for Buckling Down And Getting Things Done. And like many Brooklynites, that means that for me, it was a Coffee Shop Day; my own “office” at home is a little too close to lots of things that could distract me, and I had to concentrate.   237 more words


Low blow

This one was probably too crude for The New Yorker, but I read the phrase “subduction zone” somewhere and couldn’t help myself. ;)


August Break 20 - Clouds

We’re on the fourth day or so of another stretch of hot-and-humid here in the city; the kind of day that saps you of the ambition to do much of anything except for laze around the house, poking through books for a few pages and then losing your train of thought. 99 more words

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West meets East

Még egy túrát tettem a leértékelések alatt, abba a boltba, amit ilyenkor mindig csekkolok, mert nagyon jó ruhákra szoktam ilyenkor bukkanni itt. Ez a New Yorker. 378 more words

Wear That Polish