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Mark Haddon--"The Weir" (New Yorker, November 16, 2015)

SOUNDTRACK: LEE FIELDS-“Still Hanging On” (Field Recordings, April 18, 2012).

This was another Field Recording from SXSW filmed on the patio of Joe’s Crab Shack [ 760 more words

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Mohsin Hamid--"Of Windows and Doors" (New Yorker, November 14, 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: AMADOU & MARIAM-“Wily Kataso,” (Field Recordings, April 11, 2012).

The story of Amadou & Mariam is fascinating.  I was really made aware of them in 2018, where I saw their Tiny Desk Concert and learned… 604 more words

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Thomas McGuane--"Riddle" (New Yorker, November 13, 2017)

SOUNDTRACK: FILASTINE-“Btalla” and “Dance of the Garbagemen.” (Field Recordings, April 4, 2012).

When I first saw the title of this Field Recording, [Filastine And The Cathedral Of Junk… 585 more words

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Hermann Hesse’s Arrested Development

November 15, 2018

Hermann Hesse’s Arrested Development

The stories Hesse tells appeal to young people, because they keep faith with the powerful emotions of adolescence, which most adults forget or outgrow. 3,725 more words

"The Optimized Anti-Style of Allbirds Shoes " (newyorker)

a skimmable article from the new yorker about allbirds, which i had never heard of (bc i’m that cool, and the most recent shoes i wanted were crocs, hah) until this most recent SF trip (which…makes sense). 171 more words

By Others More Brilliant

Scholastique Mukasonga--"Cattle Praise Song" (New Yorker, November 12, 2018)

SOUNDTRACK: DRY THE RIVER-“Bible Belt” (Field Recordings, March 27, 2012).

The Field Recordings project was such a neat idea.  Kind of like the Tiny Desk, but not.  843 more words

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