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Core choices

Here’s another one our friends at The New Yorker rejected.


On the Inside Looking In

Does becoming part of the elite world of publishing, Hollywood, and the academy mean you have to give up perspective?

We need to connect courageously with the rejection, the fear, the vulnerability that Trump’s victory has inflicted on us, without turning away or numbing ourselves or lapsing into cynicism.

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Wilderness Wanderings

New York (a love letter)

It took the rest of America,
Electing the walking racist Cheeto as President,
To truly appreciate why I love ya,
Good Old New York

When I walk around the city, 264 more words


The Magazine Rack

Holy Christmas! If I didn’t mention something about this collection I would be depriving you of something great. This area is probably one of archive.org’s most often visited collections as several popular and well-read magazines have been archived to digital perfection and yours to freely read/download. 365 more words


Sketch and repeat

Before they were published, they were just scribbles in a sketchbook.

Then I decided to see what they would look like all drawn up

and given a proper caption. 96 more words


Fondly Remembering the Past

I had my first poem published in this magazine when I was in fifth grade. I just wish I had gotten to see it in print. 54 more words

Recent Read: Silicon Valley's "Empathy Vacuum"

In case you missed it, check out Om Malik’s (founder of GigaOm and a partner at TrueVentures) New Yorker post on the lack of empathy in Silicon Valley.  447 more words