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10 reasons you should visit the Catlins

The Catlins is an area of New Zealand that I feel is very underrated. Named after Edward Cattlin, a whaling captain who named the Catlins river, and purchased a large area of land along it in 1840 from the famous Maori chief Hone Tuhawaiki (known as Bloody Jack to European settlers). 2,229 more words


Peppers Clearwater

In the morning in Te Anau, Hayden and I once again took advantage of the kitchen and had another $5 meal. Toast with garlic butter, scrambled eggs with onion, American bacon, and skillet potatoes — no more oatmeal for us! 1,428 more words


Milford Sound

Well, we didn’t go kayaking.

At least not on the first morning in Milford Sound. It had rained hard all night and was still raining at 5:30am when we woke up. 2,083 more words


I wish I knew how to build an app

I’ve always considered myself quite tech savvy, I learn things quite quickly. But there is one thing I’d love to know how to do, that I’m nowhere close to knowing, and that’s how to build an application. 258 more words


Not On My Street, Mate

I’m on duty from 8:30 pm to 7:30 am on Saturday night, but I was talking to the cops till nine.

Friday is the warm up and Saturday is the real deal. 2,948 more words

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5 blog posts I liked this week - Volume 1

I was inspired by another blogger to create one of these lists, and I thought I’d steal the idea like I do so often! But hey, it’s flattering when other people steal your ideas, right? 327 more words


The Swedish Kiwi on Facebook!

I thought it was time I created a Facebook page for the blog, and I would really, really love it if you could hit the like button for the page (if you like my blog of course, otherwise you know.. 179 more words