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foaming at the mouth

free-thinker (aka Conspiracy Theorist) I take umbrage at any form of enforced collectivism—

—although in ‘democratic’ New Zealand we have campaigners actively  moving Heaven and Earth to invoke the armed might of the State (ref above) to force the innocent to comply with their Snowflake… 165 more words


Apple 'paid no tax' in New Zealand for at least a decade

BBC News

Apple is facing scrutiny in New Zealand following reports it paid no tax for at least a decade, despite having logged billions in sales. 361 more words

American Accents Aren't Disney's Fault

In a recent (and I would add “highly irresponsible”) piece of reporting from the New Zealand Herald, we are told that an explanation for children turning up at school with American accents is that children are watching too much Disney Channel. 902 more words


'Armoured tank' Juno to head through Jupiter's atmosphere, begin orbit

Scientists are now counting down to the
moment that NASA spacecraft Juno
arrives at Jupiter late this afternoon (NZT)
, following a five-year trek across the… 390 more words

New Zealand Herald

Music matters for the brain

The Power of Music in Transforming Lives:

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     I cannot overemphasize the importance of music in the lives of all of us. 140 more words