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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.”

–Carol Burnett

From Graffiti to Great Literature, All Writing is Important to Someone!

“The power of the pen has not diminished. 223 more words

Casey Diver - Colin Craig: A lesson in the politics of infallibility

Before you sharpen your pitchforks hear me out. Colin Craig has demonstrated the latest in a long trend of socio-political judgement that is a cause for concern. 729 more words


Amicus Curiae: The Elephant in the Debating Chamber - Debating Euthanasia After 'Seales'

Eugenia Woo, Leading Contributor

In the aftermath of the highly-publicised Seales v Attorney-General case, there has undoubtedly been a renewal of the discussion around end of life choices and their place in New Zealand’s future.  1,015 more words

Amicus Curiae


So recently I have been lucky enough to have had two pieces published in the New Zealand Herald’s Travel supplement. Although they are small pieces it still feels amazing to see my name in print again. 50 more words


Amicus Curiae: On "Ponytailgate"

Jason Kim

In the latest scandal to rock the bizarro world of New Zealand politics, Prime Minister John Key has found himself in hot water after an… 870 more words

Amicus Curiae

The Police Commissioner and the Streisand Effect

The Streisand Effect describes when someone’s attempt to cover up or censor something only leads to it getting more attention – the exact opposite result they intended. 679 more words

Violence Against Women