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Why you don't need an Immigration Adviser

Let me begin by saying I have nothing against licensed immigration advisers who ask for a fee for their services. All businesses in the world need to make a profit to survive. 398 more words

New Zealand Immigration

10 Reasons NOT to migrate to New Zealand

A lot of Filipinos who move here don’t have any idea what life is like in New Zealand before taking the plunge. Spending a couple of hours on the internet does not tell you about the realities on the ground and most make their decision based on propaganda, half-truths and outright lies expounded by people with a clear financial interest of bringing people over. 900 more words

New Zealand Immigration

10 reasons to migrate to New Zealand

People have many different motivations of migrating to a new country. Whatever the reason, taking the big leap is an expensive, time-consuming and life-altering decision so you really have to do your homework.   1,059 more words

New Zealand Immigration

NZ Immigration

This is a big topic and one of the first things you will want to get organized.

We will cover visa types, work permits, the arrival process and customs. 130 more words


The skilled Migrant Category- New Zealand

New Zealand is considered as an open country with a balanced experience of work and life that makes the country one of the most privileged migration destinations in the world. 232 more words

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Get qualified from a New Zealand university- To get a Dream Job in the Global Market

New Zealand has always been an ideal destination for the migrants, who come to a foreign country for a better education system, job opportunities and standard lifestyle. 454 more words

Immigration Services

Malaysian Chinese LOVE Down Under

It’s always funny when I see comments like the above made by Malaysian Chinese living somewhere in majority-white country. Because when I talk to THE white majority in those countries, it’ll be a completely different thing to hear altogether. 113 more words

Asians Migration To Australia