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Working and living on the Road

At the moment I am stopped to work online and save to do my wheelbearing. This was meant to happen in Winter but due to a new gearbox, dead solar batteries and a big vet bill for the cat it didnt happen. 73 more words


The day I made two little dolphin buddies, two tiny penguins and an adorable dog

There I was standing on the other side of my front door.

The motel room felt toasty, with the little heater spreading its warmth around the little environment that occupied a bed, a bathroom and not much else. 870 more words


Exploring art in Christchurch and on the road to Akaroa

I’m pretty sure the rain here hasn’t stopped for the past week. When I’m walking my London pace down the streets of Christchurch I feel like people are looking at me thinking “this kid is crazy.” When I say kid, that’s probably me trying to convince myself that I’m not in my late twenties. 532 more words


Gandalf led me to Christchurch

I found myself at the airport yet again, as I continue my tour  across New Zealand. It was time to dip my toes into the south island and plant myself in Christchurch for the next 5 days. 1,073 more words


Frodo, don't wear the ring...I know it's very tempting

I’m going to give you a little insight into the life of Matt.

He wakes up in the morning wondering what to do for the day. 969 more words


It's been good Rotorua, now time to get to the capital!

So my time in Rotorua has come to an end.

If you ever find yourself touring New Zealand then I strongly recommend to stop by this little town. 414 more words


A little walk in the forest and making a decision on NZ

Fun fact about New Zealand #3: It’s impossible to find a decent¬†hoodie that’s below $60 in Rotorua. Darn right impossible I tell yee!

The last couple of days have had me chillaxing…do people still say chillaxing these days? 873 more words