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Lessons in Traveling: Loneliness and Being Alone

There is a weird juxtaposition (an SAT word I use way more than I ever thought I would) in traveling between being lonely and desperately wanting to be alone. 875 more words

New Zealand Travel

Let's start woofing 

On a rainy July day in Auckland, I bid farewell to Jessica, got on a bus and headed off to start woofing.

For those who don’t know, woofing (a verb that I made up) is the act of working as a member of WWOOF, willing workers on organic farms. 963 more words

New Zealand Travel

Between Cyclones

Wild, wet, winter  weather, welcomed us back from leave, this past Thursday, July the twentieth. We had traveled back to the States, to meet Miss Abby Louise Longo, our beautiful new… 2,011 more words

23 hours in an airport

Airports used to really stress me out but I reached a point  (after a crazy trip that is a story all of its own) where airports didn’t stress me out anymore. 1,117 more words

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Things I have learned in New Zealand and other short stories

In the three weeks since arriving in New Zealand, I have made all kinds of new discovered and had great/terrifying adventures.

First, some of the things I have learned so far: 2,056 more words

New Zealand Travel

Arrival in a New Country

The first few days in New Zealand were a little overwhelming and quite eventful but not in an interesting way so instead, here are some pictures from my first few days!! 117 more words

New Zealand Travel

Three ridiculous things people said when I decided to move abroad

When I decided to backpack in New Zealand for a year, practically everyone I shared my plan with responded with an enthusiastic “Wow! Go for it!” This was really encouraging, and honestly played a role in launching me on my adventure: visa in one hand, one-way plane ticket in the other–and for the first time, practically no idea how life would unfold next. 830 more words