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Where to start?



Pens inked and ready.

Pencils sharpened

Lights bright and ready.

Papers stacked heavily

Where to begin?

Is it a beginning, or something continuing?



Let’s take a station,
That housed trains and older folks,
And make it anew.


Communication between Genders!

If your house was made of glass, stay away from throwing others with rocks! ;) Welcome back readers and friends from the US, Yemen, and Finland! 297 more words


Kiwi Daughter Starts Off In The Kitchen...

Whilst on the West Coast of New Zealand and staying in the “South of the Barber hostel”  in Greymouth we start cooking up an evening meal in the communal kitchen. 228 more words


A New Project

I did a new and exciting project last week!

The week started with my mom and I taking another walk like we always do, and thought of an exciting project that we can both work on. 100 more words