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The Unknown




not known; not within the range of one’s knowledge, experience, orunderstanding; strange; unfamiliar.


not discovered, explored, identified, or ascertained

This word has struck fear into the hearts of many for decades. 220 more words

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Asalamualikum dear friends how are you

#LIVE Healthcare Bill Coverage (CNN)

Keep up with all the press conferences, breakdowns, and press briefings with this live CNN feed.


Senate Republican Leadership Discuss Healthcare Bill Delay

Senate Republican leadership, including Mitch McConnell,  discuss the health care bill.



How can I be sad about losing something I don’t even have yet? I have pondered these things for the past few nights I hate that I am in love with you and I am not even with you.   148 more words


TAG: Friends for Days

Many thanks to my friend for cwhiteweb for tagging me. You must check out her site for great content, but especially for her daily 6 word writing challenge… the two characters have been dating for the last 85 days and there’s lots of interesting action going on in only 6 words! 530 more words

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