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Smoke in the alley, the devil in the flame

A few minutes later the four of us stood in a narrow alley in between Jenner’s and the small money market manager’s office next door. There were no lamps in the tight space, the only light coming from the street, and that barely made it five feet before being blanked out by the high walls of the buildings. 104 more words



I mainly just started a blog so i can, hopefully, look back on it someday and see what my life was like at 18. Also because i’m going to start studying Marketing + Social Media communications. 125 more words


This New Pad Might Just Be... reMarkable.

We live in a time where we are constantly bombarded with information. Distractions from social media notifications, emails, breaking news and pop up messages have become the norm. 35 more words



I did it!  I finally bit the bullet and created a blog.  I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years, but I allowed the fears and negative self talk to over power my dream.  187 more words

Not Your Average Fish Tank...

The next part of our “The New Farm” visit is a fish farm!

It’s most unexpected to see this inside a city high rise building but apparently this is perfectly suited as in industry to work alongside fruit and veggies. 267 more words


The Trip: Glacier National Park

It’s time that I get back on this train of travel for all of you so without further ado, here’s a whole new rundown of  223 more words


Easing towards the end...

Chalk this up to one of those nights where my worst enemy is a blank screen and a flashing cursor. There are worse problems to have – ass cancer for instance – but I really do try rather hard to have something engaging, interesting, or otherwise worth reading here four days a week… even if sometimes the word count runs a little bit short. 213 more words