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Question about grouping stock sales

Got my 1099B from Robinhood and it's a lot of stock sales. I am filing on h&r block software and they said you can group stock sales as long as there are no adjustments. 32 more words


Robinhood gold question

I have a robinhood gold account with $3000 and $2000 margin. I have all of it invested into stocks. Do I have to sell my shares before I'm able to upgrade my tier to the $3000 mark? 11 more words


Is there any way to know YTD gain/loss in Robinhood?

I do not see Robinhood gives YTD gain/loss, may be intentionally they have not given that.

Is there any way to know?

Submitted February 26, 2017 at 12:44PM by firebyrealestate
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Need help please: RH day trading


I have a Gold account with RH and I need to perform more than 3 trades week (DAY TRADING). I have more than $25,000 in my portfolio. 117 more words


White Monkey

I roughly remember the first time I ever felt different. I’d guess I was about 4 and I was playing in a sandpit with a girl my age when I saw her mum sprint towards us and swiftly pluck her away. 885 more words