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Hear me roar

It’s fair to say I am not a natural at Roller Derby, so when it was time for my first scrim I was quite nervous. The Hellfire Harlots are possibly some of the best motivators and supporters I have ever known, so when I voiced my anxiety they were quick to tell me that I had every right to be on the track just like everyone else. 393 more words


It’s been years of talking about starting a food blog and the time has finally come ::insert angels singing:: and here it is! My family and friends always ask me, where to go, what to eat, what is the best restaurant or dish and I am finally ready to put time into my passion.. 78 more words


The Lord of the Code: Return of the Newbie

I’m backkk! OK, so obviously my original plans didn’t happen as you can probably tell from this 5 month interval. After accepting my place at General Assembly for their March 2015 cohort I actually got a job offer that I couldn’t refuse from my place of part time work. 350 more words


An adventure into the unknown..

Hi, My name is Emily. (Like me I’m going to keep this short and sweet)
I’ve never blogged before but with so much free time and my love for literature I thought I’d join the world of blogging. 21 more words

Anybody there?

My first initial post on here was back in 2013, when I was not feeling so great about life…in general, so I have deleted that one. 173 more words

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‘it’s useful being top banana in the shock department.’ So I googled ways to start a blog and then I decided to go against everything it said as I realised how tragic I was being so refer to said quote and stick with me on my documentation of my tragic and entertaining life, I swear it will be worth it trust me, i’d also never trust someone who says trust me and now I’m babbling okay bye


The struggles of a newbie in Pakistan

Here I am sitting in my room with my laptop on my lap and the ceiling fan running on full speed thanks to the UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) in the hope to reduce the burning heat of Multan, Pakistan and staring at the wall clock waiting for the light to come back so I can enjoy the cold air of the air conditioning system. 1,559 more words