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"She Followed Me Home"

The cat came back, the very next day… Following Little Miss home.

The thing TJ was holding? A pack of tuna.

Yes, they fed her. 25 more words


Virgin Post

Being my first wordpress post this tiresome process should consume time.

Je Suis Ici (I Am Here)

Hello everyone! On my birth certificate it says Fredrick but the world wasn’t feeling that so they gave me the names Fred, Freddie, Fredward, and Fred Flinstone. 288 more words

First Blog Post

Hello, world!

I’ve been saying for a long time that I’d start a blog, or a website in general. Not sure what I’m going to blog about, to be quite honest. 96 more words

Blog Newb

Hello world!

This is my very first post, so I know no one will see it since I’m A)Not popular at all. B) I’m not telling anyone I know about this page of mine. 43 more words


Primeira vez

Olá, meu nome é Herbert Teixeira. Daí o nome do blog (Teixeira = Sobrenome, HB = vocês entenderam) sei que não faz muito sentido, mas tudo bem. 80 more words


The Adventures of AtomicRandy???

Well hey there! This is like my first post here and basically what I’m going to do is type all the stuff I do everyday. That’s if I’m not lazy. 113 more words