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Well, here goes nothin'.

I haven’t had a blog in years, but when I did, I remember how much I loved having a place to go to express all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that swirl around in this crazy head of mine. 15 more words


Why isn't YNDX available to buy?

YNDX is traded on the NASDAQ, but in Robinhood, it says "this stock is not currently tradeable on Robinhood." Does anyone know the reason for this or should I contact Robinhood to get an answer? 16 more words


Where did my shares go???

A couple of days ago, I purchased 25 shares of $DRYS. I just went onto my account, and it says I only have 3 shares. My money is gone, and my history only shows me purchasing 25, nothing about losing 22. 20 more words


If I am marked as a PDT does that apply to other brokers?

If I am marked as a PDT In robinhood can I still day trade in say scottrade for example?

Submitted January 20, 2017 at 07:50PM by TJ30… 6 more words


How often am I allowed to sell?

I feel stupid for asking this question here but googling has amazingly not provided any answers. Is there a limit on how much I can buy and sell in a day? 16 more words


Robinhood taxes question

Consider you are making short term trades (holding a stock less than a week).

Let's say every month you make $100 for 12 months, but you do it my making $200 then losing $100 in that month (or the other way). 39 more words