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PC Purchase: Specifications Guide: Laptops

This is a very basic PC purchase guide. It’s designed to help those that don’t really understand the specifications of various products and are not sure what to choose for their needs. 664 more words


Basics for New Builders: Choosing the Right Kit

Okay, so you got your tools, it’s now time to get a kit.

You go to your local hobby shop/mall and you see the wealth of kits and feel slightly overwhelmed. 1,392 more words


PC Cases: Different Sizes, Different Needs

So we’ve been over the benefits of choosing a quality case for your PC, but it’s only when someone really gets into buying a case that they realize a very obvious but often overlooked factor. 1,185 more words


Introduction to Corporate Finance

It has come to my attention that many members of the /r/Robinhood may have little to no background in finance. This is concerning as many of these same people are giving, receiving, and acting on financial advice. 526 more words


T+3? How about T+2?

For those who haven't heard, the SEC is changing to T+2.


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