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New to trading and Robinhood. (Day trade question.)

I have less than $25,000 in the app. What happens if I'm flagged as a day trader by doing 4 day trades in 5 days? … 12 more words


A Question About Dividends.. sorry in advance

I own one share of Ford because I wanted to see how dividends work. It says on thinkorswim that Dividends were announced/paid out on 10/25/16. It is not showing up in my account history. 20 more words


Daily Stock Discussion - 10/28/2016

Daily discussion for 10/28/2016. Remember to please do your own research and not make decisions based solely on any information you read here.

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venting about my stocks

I'm a noob at investing, so I put in a very modest amount of money into this app- probably laughably low. Regardless, I was up a hundred bucks a month ago, and I was pleased with myself. 44 more words