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Back away from the baby

The general public often fall into three camps when they see your newborn baby in his pram:

  • They are normal and help you out/coo over the baby – these people are what make you agree with yourself you will leave the house again.
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On being a new mom

My son was born three months ago, and nothing not even 9 months of pregnancy could have prepared me for what awaited me.

I had some vague idea about what it meant to be a parent, I mean I knew many parents including my own mother who birthed seven and was a pro at it. 658 more words

Personal Reflections

Tofu Stir Fry 

Tonight, I decided we needed to change it up. I decided we were going to do our outing to Walmart. Chris (the husband) was terrified about taking him out. 332 more words

How time altered my birth story

Three days postpartum and my sister asked me if I would ever go through childbirth again. I responded with a firm “Hell no!” 408 more words

Pregnancy And Parenthood

A Gift for My Unborn Child

I can’t sing. I love singing and so I sing a lot, but I’m not good at it. I also love talking, wittering really – mostly to my husband and son so it’s contained, don’t worry. 827 more words


We met the adorable Caio this afternoon. Just 2 weeks old and already capturing hearts. With a head full of dark hair and huge eyes he was so gorgeous, and he posed like a pro with no fuss. 10 more words