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Effing Feline has no time for furballs

I, Effing Feline, have been madly shredding paper this week.  It’s part of the free document shredding service I discussed last week. I have ten boxes of paper to shred, so business is looking good … sort of. 307 more words

Effing Feline

Lahirnya Si Ganteng yang Anteng

Rabu, 14 Januari 2015

Syahiiid, pemuda kecilku. Ini cerita tentang kelahiranmu. Sebenarnya sudah pernah kutulis beberapa hari setelah lahirmu. Tapi ummi lupa draft nya dimana. hihihi. 859 more words


Henry & His Hobbies

Henry was nice enough to show me his wonderful book collection, hand-knit blankets, and his musical instrument collection….Not too often you find a baby that can play/sleep on a xylophone. 12 more words


King Cole

This handsome guy was an absolute pleasure to work with. He got all comfy and cuddly and really turned his charm on. What a heart melter!

Long Island

Yes, She's Here!

I haven’t really had an opportunity to update on the newest little bundle of perfection, things have been a little hectic! My birthing experience was super crazy. 765 more words

True confessions of a new mum

Six months ago I embarked on a journey unlike any other. I have travelled a lot in my time, to the far flung corners of the earth, I have immersed myself in different cultures and am familiar with the dizzying intoxication of being in a new place, with people that do not speak my language, that eat different food, wear different clothes, and are a different colour to myself. 1,238 more words