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Curious Newborn Baby Humpback Whale Peeks Out Of Water, Gives Tourist A Kiss [VIDEO]

These tourists were so surprised when a newborn humpback whale peeked out of the water to get a better look at them – and then THIS happened… 82 more words


My Birth Story

On every mom blog, app, website, etc. it seems like birth stories are what’s new and poppin’. Everyone’s sharing there’s and wants to know everyone else’s. 770 more words

Labor & Delivery.

Nothing is longer than pregnancy….you get so wrapped up in holding your beautiful baby, counting his or her fingers & toes, seeing their beautiful eyes, the way they smell. 1,102 more words


Aubrey {Newborn} 

Over the weekend I had the great pleasure of capturing a long time friends first born baby girl, Aubrey. She is the perfect amount of love, beauty and preciousness in such a tiny bundle! 34 more words


The Pro's and Con's of Co-Sleeping

There are many challenges when you talk about babies and sleeping. With us, we co-sleep, and our challenges are clear, and I like to think very commonly amongst co-sleeping parents. 324 more words


Organizing Your Photos

When I graduated high school my Grandma gave me an album full of childhood photographs she had kept. These were photos I hadn’t seen and she had hidden away until that moment. 558 more words


Noah - Lifestyle Newborn

I met Noah when he was just about 9 weeks old. He was alert, awake and super chubby and absolutely adorable! I love newborns, don’t get me wrong, but at 2 months old, when a little handsome fella is making eye contact with me and giving sweet little smiles..well, how does it get better than that?

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