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Meditative Moments: Eating Mindfully

If you’re not sure Whether You Should Meditate then dash back here once you are!

Now that we all know we should settle in to a beautiful meditation practice, let’s get started… At first, it can feel daunting to take some time to ourselves and sit alone in a quiet room, with our eyes closed and no idea what to expect. 587 more words


7 Sanskrit Words Used Most Often in Yoga

Other languages creep us out. It is a fact. As much as we’d hate to admit it, whenever we hear someone speaking a tongue which we don’t understand or aren’t fluent in, it puts us on edge. 792 more words


Should I Meditate?

Yes. Yes and ABSOLUTELY YES is the easy answer. However, if you still need convincing…

Are you stressed all the time? 

We all experience stressful situations every now and then, and there will always be some who handle them better than others. 703 more words


What Are The Benefits of Hip-Openers in Yoga?

Some people love them, others detest them with a fiery passion. And yet hip-opening is such a strong focus of yoga practice that there is simply no escape… put up, or shut up. 522 more words


Using Yoga to Burn Off Fat

Regardless of what some fitness trainers will tell you, if you put the effort in to yoga you can totally get a body you love… The only difference is, that yoga sees you as a whole person and takes a two-pronged ‘attack'; conditioning, strengthening and toning the physical body, whilst working on the emotional being within so that you can learn to be happy and comfortable within the space you occupy. 628 more words


How To Make The Most of A Private Yoga Session

Private sessions in anything can be understandably more expensive than group sessions, so how can you get more bang for your buck during a private yoga session? 789 more words