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Steaming Through History

This post is intended to accompany my story for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (here). Having a grandson like Kieran (now sixteen) who has been mad about steam engines since losing interest in… 697 more words

Travel And History

How efficient are we today?

When I talk about efficient I mean the efficiency of an engine or power plant. In layman’s terms it means how much of the energy that we are putting into the engine are we then able to extract and use as work, or how much of the fuel’s energy is actually used. 321 more words


Invention As A Hub

In a linear model of innovation, innovation is imagined to proceed through an orderly sequence of steps, from pure scientific research, to applied science, formulation as a technology, then developing and scaling up distribution of that technology as a product. 380 more words


Thoughts on the Mayan Collapse, the Industrial Revolution, and the Future

I’ve been studying history lately and wanted to share some of what I have learned.  The are some very interesting points we can find in history (both ancient and fairly modern) regarding renewable energy, fossil fuels, sustainability, and human nature. 798 more words

Thông điệp lớn nhất được viết lên Google Earth

Thông điệp lớn nhất được viết lên Google Earth

Nick Newcomen đã đi hết 19.670 km qua 30 bang ở Mỹ để tạo nên dòng chữ “Read Ayn Rand” có thể nhìn thấy qua dịch vụ ảnh vệ tinh của Google. 265 more words