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Welcome to Toronto!

When I first came to Toronto six years ago, I faced challenges that most new immigrants faced. Trying to find a place to live, figuring out how to get around, what winter wear to buy, how to fit in–you get the picture. 181 more words


GONNABEES #12 - Kristóf Vivien, a FAUN tervezője

Feltörekvő tehetségeket bemutató rovatunk, a GONNABEES aktuális epizódjának főszereplője Kristóf Vivien, a FAUN márka tervezője. Vivien könnyed, természetközeli, a skandináv esztétika és szívünknek oly kedved minimalista design jegyében alkot, úgyhogy muszáj volt őt kifaggatnunk impressziókról, a márka geneziséről és jövőbeli terveiről. 538 more words


Here it is!

Hi there guys! I finally made a blog for myself. Im super duper happy now that I now have my own and I’m so excited to share my thoughts and new experiences to you. 239 more words


Specials by katesrapwelt

Ich habe mir ein paar Specials für meinen Blog überlegt. Diese werde ich jeden Sonntag veröffentlichen. Die einzelnen Kategorien werde ich euch dann detailliert vorstellen. Es sind viele Specials in Planung. 81 more words

To the Newcomer

To the ‘First Timer’ I could tell when you walked in you were nervous. Your ‘newness’ was even more apparent when you asked where the coffee was. 191 more words


The Trader

He used to work in a dark ally in the city centre, every night, from midnight to dawn. The queue for him was always long, but clients did not stand in a line. 574 more words

Short Stories

Write A Gratitude List

Like many a newcomer we had called our sponsor full of complaints about how all the people in our life had wronged us. After listening to us for a few minutes our sponsor cut us off. 202 more words