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Say Hello to @ErnDope

He calls himself Swag Saint and in celebration of his official coming of age yesterday he dropped this joint “Sanjuta”.

Upon listening to the lyrics you’ll hear him talk about what he knows and what he experiences on a night out. 69 more words


In Conversation with Kai Barry

American filmmaker Kai Barry is the brains behind Rogue Agent, the gritty spy thriller that opened last year’s Raindance Film Festival and is now available to watch in cinemas. 1,695 more words



Before you yawn and click away, I just want to say I am new here! Well to be honest I am not really new here. I used WordPress before but it is just to write articles for a website. 83 more words

T.E.A. Ghostwriter

Complete Guide to Beach Volleyball in Brussels

Up to date as of July 18 2016. This is a work in progress so if I’ve omitted something please let me know through comment or email. 869 more words


Robert Williams x Vans Vault Collection

Setelah Vans sedikit terkena efek hipster dibeberapa rilisan kemarin, Vans sudah mulai terkena hidayah dan kembali ke jalan yang benar. Jalan dimana yang membuat para pecintanya jatuh hati. 456 more words


The Difference Between An Old Timer And A Newcomer

Recently at a meeting an old timer was talking to a newcomer. The old timer said to the newcomer, “do you know what the difference is between us”? 227 more words



Satu kata untuk Vans yang bisa saya utarakan ketika mendengar banyak release-an terbaru di akhir bulan ini. Selayaknya Ibu-ibu yang kalap ketika membeli baju diskonan dipasar swalayan. 785 more words