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It's Happening

Finally… as I am sitting here writing this, my big dog McKenzie, is playing with the puppy, Tallula! It is crazy how a newcomer can disrupt the whole house! 344 more words

Street Fighter V Fans Are Not Sure What To Make Of Seemingly Simplistic Newcomer Ed

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

Last weekend saw Capcom open up a special beta for Street Fighter V which, in addition to giving the community a chance to try the game’s improved online modes, provided a preview for the next downloadable character. 688 more words


Toxic Church Experience | God's Plan?


It happened.

I learned what it meant to be on the other side of the fence.

The fence between hoping to be a part of a church, and being part of a church. 963 more words


Newcomer Pt. 1

5 years ago, exactly this month, I arrived in Canada.

Before the plane landed, I didn’t know if I was supposed to wear an extra sweater. 444 more words


[Newcomer] Akairo Crossroads by Hino Natsumi

Akairo Crossroads (あかいろ交差点) is a lighthearted school-life romance about timid but friendly highschooler Keita, trying to become better friends with his classmate Tamaki who has always been cold to him ever since they met on the first day of school. 345 more words


My Job Application Statistics

Recently I thought, my previous posts look like I am always finding some faults in companies that rejected me. It’s totally understandable! I might see myself as a whining job seeker blaming the companies all the time if I were in your shoes :) And that’s why I decided to share my application statistics with you. 655 more words

[Newcomer] Hibiki - Shousetsuka ni Naru Houhou by Yanamoto Mitsuharu

The surprise winner of prestigious Manga Taisho 2017, Hibiki – Shousetsuka ni naru houhou, is a compelling story about a girl setting up to become a revolutionary writer. 346 more words