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Digabi Mens Jewelry Newfangled Design 18k Platinum Plated

So with all those choices on offer there’s bound to be a pair of personalised cufflinks out there for the most important men in your life. 346 more words

Wheres My Backpack/Travel Theme: Old Fashioned

‘I don’t know about you but there’s nothing quite like the smell of sun-dried washing. Call it what you will but you can keep all the modern new-fangled ways of doing things, what? 91 more words



Well yes,

This is definitely something new for me.

Im not really fond of writing, I don’t read that much either.

But I believe that there is so much in life, 45 more words

The Hobbit: An Explanation (and Exciting Contest!)

It has come to my attention that part three of a certain bloated waste of special effects and Martin Freeman’s acting talent is coming out this week. 475 more words

Monday, 15th September 2014

A study of seven hundred and five laptop keyboards has revealed that, as a result of what I call “wordpress” – the new-fangled fashion for running two words into one ( 21 more words


Guest Post: Tom’s Award-Winning Minecraft Research

Tom’s been wanting to do a guest post for awhile, and now he has the perfect opportunity! By the way, my husband is the coolest. Who watches his brothers play a video game, writes an academic paper about it, and wins money? 848 more words